Sunday, January 13, 2008


The Andhra Pradesh CM has laid the foundation for an Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) at Basar in Adilabad district.

The IIIT is a supposedly compensation for shifting the proposed Indian Institute of technology (IIT) to Medak.

Now, to the interesting part of this article -

Addressing a public meeting, he said the IIIT would be more useful than the
IIT, as many students from backward Adilabad district would benefit. If the IIT
had been established here, only a couple of students would have got seats.

Now, I have been to Basar as recently as November 2007. Its a peaceful place with the Godavari flowing nearby and the life of the people is linked with the Sharada temple. The people are nice and simple who would have every reason to believe the CM. And the opportunity to unleash some unrelated bull-shit has not been foregone by the CM.

But dear sir, there are a few doubting thomases in this world. Hence I checked the website of the IIIT at Allahabad, because that is the model I presume will be followed here. What does it say?

Entrance to these courses is through the All-India Entrance Examination
conducted by CBSE.

OK? Now, what is the means of admission to IITs? The JEE right?


1. Can this be a valid appeasement? - take an IIIT for an IIT. Why not an NIT? The purpose of asking this is - how does an Information technology institute replace an engineering institute? Even if it does, was this "replacement" IIIT shifted from somewhere else? And if so, what will that place get?

2. How can the CM guarantee in the scenario of competitive exams the proportion of students who will clear the entrance exams (JEE/AIEEE whatever)? What if more students from Adilabad clear JEE in comparison to their counterparts from Medak and show the proverbial middle finger to the CM? Will he revert the proposed IIT back to Basar?

3. Most importantly, since when has clearing competitive exams become an inter-district competition? I thought it was mostly about the achievement of the self.

Shame on you.....

... Mrs. Pratibha Patil. Why? For this.

What a steep spiralling descent it has been from the days of the ethical APJ Abdul Kalam.

The office of the President can deny until eternity about the events that took place, but, we all know that our president is yet to get over thinking like a politico.

Right now I feel the same way I felt when Ricky Ponting and Michael Clark appealed for the catches of Dhoni and Ganguly - i.e punched in the solar plexus!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Girl Called Shazia

Memories come at very unexpected times. Like for instance, this very entry that I am penning
down. Why of all people should a Kashmiri woman with whom I had journeyed from Hazrat
Nizamuddin to Yeshwantpur Junction in 2005/2006 come to my mind; and why now?

Maybe it's because she played an unwitting role in reviving the joker in me who had died
sometime during the course of my masters. Just to add on, the joker is alive and kicking!!!
Maybe it's because I was seeing a die hard public Pakistan supporter for the first time in
my life. Maybe it was because she, her classmate and an elderly Sikh couple made the journey
"the el classico" - one where you get to know everything about everyone, tell everything
about yourself and have loads of fun.

Wherever you are girl, continue spreading the cheer!!!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Opinion on Sports

India's Tour of Australia

The Indian cricket team is on a long tour of Australia and as expected, is losing matches; and that too in the sickening manner reminiscent of Karachi, Bangalore and Mumbai against Pakistan and England. These are matches which just require some grit to stay in the middle.

Melbourne was definitely in such a category, but one needs to be careful while doing the same to Sydney. The umpiring was patheric and the Aussies showed the depths they can plummet character-wise just to win. Ponting, Clarke, Symonds and Hussey showed what scoundrels they are; people who just want to win at any cost. Having said that, the best response by the Indian team would have been to somehow draw the game and show the middle-finger to the Aussies.

As far as Mark Benson and Steve Bucknor go, "The exponential rapid decay of your respect levels have begun buddies!!!!"

Ranji Trophy

This edition of the ranji has brought Saurashtra into the semis. They seem a good team specially the lads Pujara and Jobanputra. Delhi too has looked good this season and UP has been superbly consistent throughout. Baroda is the 4th semi-finalist. Its good to see variety in the Ranji. Hope Tamil Nadu get to win the trophy next year. They are a supremely talented team who just need to get their act together consistently.

Sunil Mittal's Football academy

Read this first. It certainly is a good step forward, but if we do need to encourage football culture should we not look at the disasters called our cities and ensure more open spaces so that there is a sports culture inculcated? Life has become too much of Baristas, multiplexes, bars and restaurants.

Indian Tennis

The Ladies' section looks bright with the mercurial Sania Mirza promising to look good. But what I am worried about is the lack of good single's players in the Men's section. Bopanna needs to rachet up his game; else the dependance on Leander is going to destroy our chances in the Davis Cup.