Thursday, December 30, 2004


its absolutely cold here. 4 degree celcius to be precise yesterday and may drop further today. one interesting thing about the cold is that if you are active and have a hot water bath, its not that cold really. so all u ppl who loath taking a bath becos its could, do a rethink.
its fun. finally i am able to walk around in the city dressed up in stylish warm clothing like they show in movies. one which comes to my mind is SERENDIPITY. all thats missing is a Kate Beckinsale.........
raju is coming over from lucknow. will take him to CP and gurgaon. show him the famous valkyries i have alluded to in an earlier post. lets see if the classical Delhi fever is induced in him too. (Delhi fever: for definitions and usage, plz contact Nithya @ IIML)
another feather in my cap. for the first time, i paid my fee without depending on funds transfer from dad. i am a strong advocate that if the concept of a stipend is introduced among undergraduates too, then an element of seriousness will be induced.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

5 point someone..true or false?

if you have chanced upon this blog, chances are that the title will strike a chord in your memory. being a student of IIT Delhi, i feel that i can verify the authenticity of events in 5 point someone..or i could justify why such a thing could have happened.
(1) the ragging incident: this must have been prevalent in the 80s and 90s. not now
(2) psycho profs: some of this never extinct species do abound. and the dialogues listed in the book are heard as well
(3) sassi: yummy........thats one very very true aspect that chetan bhagat has included in his book. this roadside is eatery is accessible from the hostels. not my favourite though.
(4) vodka @insti roof: possible...but i cannot comment with firm authority because of 2 reasons...(a) i have never been there (b) i last had vodka on May 14th 2004.
(5) Neha Cherian: well, lotsa babes around. but such happenings are only one in a million. 'Hari' must be one of the lucky ones. i myself again cannot comment on this because i do not know anyone who has had such an experience nor have i had. as simple as that
(6) DISCO: dont get me wrong. this is not referring to the discotheque. DISCO=Disciplinary committee.......every student dreads this.
(7) Kumaon hostel: this is the hostel you will encounter first as u enter IIT through the hostel gate.
(8) the question paper fiasco: don't even dream of such things.

this is all i am able to recollect. do drop in some more points if u feel something is missing.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Ride with the Valkyries....

Nordic myth: The valkyries were the maidens who chose which warrior would be slain in a battlefield. They served Loki, the goddess of the Underworld and their names were: Brynhild, Geironul, Geirskogul, Goll, Gondul, Gunn, Guth, Herfjotur, Hervor [Warder of the Host], Hild [Battle], Hlathguth [Necklace-Adorned Warrior-Maiden ], Hlokk, Hrist, Mist, Olrun [One Knowing Ale Rune], Randgrith, Rathgrith, Reginleif, Sigrdrifa, Sigrun, Skeggjold, Skogul, Skuld [Necessity], Svava, and Thruth .
Delhi females are Valkyries. They have a different kind of beauty associated with them that I have never seen down south. They are also more outgoing and easy to befriend than southern females. But all pluses have their minuses. I will only comment on this by referring you all to an Outlook issue which christened Delhi as "The Sex Capital" of India.
Coming back to the Valkyries part, the mere sight of a Delhi babe is enough to kill you in the battlefield of life. Ask me, I must have died a hundred deaths enroute to different places in Delhi specially Sarojini market, Connaught place and South Ex.
CONNAUGHT PLACE: what MG road is for bangys, spencer plaza is for Maddus, Connaught place is for Delhiites. The main attraction of the place is its circular architecture. There is an outer circle and an inner circle. I go there just out of awe currently.
Just read this extract from the tourism department's website....the person who wrote the last line is an absolute arsehole.
"Connaught place is a creation of British in the last century. Connaught place is the business & shopping centre of New Delhi. It is a place where the banks, Airline offices, tour offices and hotels are located. It is designed in a circular form where the white-colonnade shopping district surrounds a green Park. It forms a full circle and is divided into blocs by seven radial roads. Connaugt place is the best shopping place in the city. It is considered as Delhi's posh shopping area. The Palika market is an underground market within Connaught place. During British period it was designed for elegant boutiques and specially for high society white people. Now it has been completely Indianised with shoe shiners sitting at every corner and beggars moving around. "
added attractions are the Tibetan market on Janpath, Parliamant street, the american centre, max mueller bhavan (my favourite) and the british council library. popular eateries include saravana bhavan, madras coffee house, banana leaf and sagar ratna.
also check out an old theatre called Regal.....its got the british architecture.
its the return from CP at night thats got all the thrills. sitting in a bus, with lots of valkyries and rocketing along in the cold wind is an experience you will never forget. buses play Formula 1 at night with breathtaking overtaking manouvres at the squares. the route goes along shanti path, chanakyapuri i.e the embassy strongholds. US, UK, France, Russia, Pakistan, Japan are some of the embassies that you can see on the way.
The national archives and national museum also lie along the way.

Travel with the valkyries with the option of only looking at them and nothing else!!!!!! u will know what 'Max Payne' really means

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

first forays into a new world

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way"--Charles Dickens, A Tale of two cities

dont read too much into the above lines. just wanted to make a statement with my first blog. i started to blog after browsing Railmani's blogs. an interesting collection of write ups i shud say.
well, i'll add more stuff as and when i get time
do go thru