Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dreams vs Reality

Many times events that we dream about while sleeping have an occurrence in the real world.

1. In an earlier post I spoke about how I dreamt about Vadivelu standing in front of 5-6 simultaneously ringing phones - cue to real life - the simultaneous ringing of many alarms that I had set

2. During the days of nightfall (ahem ahem) dreams were the trigger to the first faltering steps towards manhood ;)

3. Recently during a train journey I found myself shivering violently in a dream when I was trying to do something. Turned out that I was actually shivering in the chill of the night, not having wrapped myself properly.

This got me thinking about what an awesome tool the human body is. If the sensory organs wish to convey something during inactive periods such as sleep, they convey it through dreams.

Can't think of any parallel in the world of the machines. "What up!!!!!!!!!!"