Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wake Up Dream

I had a weird dream today morning. I had to wake up early for a meeting and hence had set multiple alarms on different sources - mobile / alarm clock / phone from dad etc

When all sources started to sound with different tunes, the image in my dreams was Vadivelu standing in front of 5-6 telephones and going crazy trying to figure out which one of them was ringing.

I woke up when Vadivelu started to go mad in despair.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

My Sir MV Moment

It was on Thursday, while returning from office. The King-Long volvo that I like, the one with two three seaters came empty at my stop.

The journey upto matunga was fine, but for some strange reason, I sensed that the bus was not able to negotiate the flyovers - its pickup was not upto the mark. Some strange sound, generally the one that you hear in an AC coach of a train deep in the night when its running at full speed, fell on my ears.

I instantly said, "Something's wrong with the engine."

Sure enough - the red light started flashing on the dashboard, and the driver had to switch off, make a check and then resume the journey.

Why is this post significant you ask? Call me sometime, and I'll tell you a similar story involving Sir M Visveswaraya. :D