Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Long Needed Inspiration

This is a superb inspirational article for consultants especially. The situation that the protagonist finds herself in is kind of similar to my own world!! Whats the phrase that is used to describe the problem? Ah, yes; "And then, as summer turned to autumn in 2004, she realized she was weary of having to think about batteries in the ways her clients wanted her to."

The beauty of what Christina Lampe-Onnerud has done is that she has used relatively incremental steps as opposed to giant totally-innovative strides to achieve something revolutionary.

This paragraph summarizes her achievement perfectly:

Michael Feinstein, who led Venrock Associates’ investment in the company (the size of the first round of investment is not ­public), said that none of the design changes Lampe-Onnerud made were individually revolutionary. But sometimes a group of evolutionary changes are better than one dramatic innovation.

Exactly the sort of direction that I feel I require in my life.

I guess I am beginning to understand why I didn't enjoy my M.Tech to the fullest. I was looking for that revolutionary "something" which never came and in the process missed out on incremental "many-things" which might have brought me joy!!!