Sunday, July 22, 2007

The eyes that lit up a Sunday evening and the Rajni Mecca in Bombay

The best part of staying in Bombay is that there are so many things to do if you really want to do. Say, if you want to really be a party animal, there is no dearth of places; if you want to watch a movie, this is movieland, dude (provided you get tickets, of course!!!); and even if you decide to be one of those like me who prefer not doing anything generally, need some stimulus to decide on an outing (this, after analysing all options etc); Bombay welcomes you with open arms.

It was such an evening that I decided to watch the Amitabh Bacchan-Tabu-Paresh Rawal starrer "Chini Kum". Everything went to perfection except the availability of tickets. One third of me wanted to return home to watch the pathetic Indians "battle" England; one third wanted to return to read The Gulag Archipelago and the last one third wanted to go on a long walk, where you can think, observe, sing to your heart's content. (Trust me folks, solitary long walks are something everyone should do!!!)

Choosing the option of a walk, I started off towards King's Circle in Matunga. Enroute I somehow strayed into Sion Koliwada and landed up on some automobile repair street.Digressing for the benefit of those special folks who know both Kannada and Tamil. Think 'koli' and think 'wada'. Now depending on how you pronounce 'wada' (which might mean the eatable medu-wada or 'come here dude'), it can either be made out as chicken-wada or chicken-come-here-dude!!

Back to the story.....

Following the path through the maze of streets, I finally ended up at the multiplex which I had just left 15 minutes back. I ploughed along and soon was near Gandhi Market. Thats when I saw those almond eyes!!! Almond eyes, somehow remind me of Bambi the Deer, and this lady certainly was deerlike. Her translucent burkha partially covered one of the most beautiful faces I have seen in my entire life. But it was her eyes, her 'kajal' bordered Bambi like eyes which took my breath away. What happened next? Eyes met-smiles exchanged-we went on our way.

Proceeding further, suddenly, I mean without warning, stepped on the hallowed turf of AURORA THEATRE, the Rajni Mecca!!! Any Rajni movie makes it's debut in Bombay here, and tickets can go upto 1000 bucks on the black market. Of course, Sivaji was showing and people were milling about.

My evening was made, Bambi and Rajni; bring out the celebratory brandi (Sic) :D

Thursday, July 19, 2007


In government offices in India, when multiple copies of any official letter are being sent,
the following terminologies are used:

1. When a copy is being sent to someone who is of a higher designation than the sender

"copy submitted with respect(s) to"

The additional s in respect(s) comes about if someone is feeling excessively respectful to
the 'boss'. But you better have respect at-least. A respect in letter is better than no
respect(s) at all.

2. When a copy is being sent to someone who is of equal designation

"copy fwcs to"

fwcs standing for forwarded with compliments.

3. When a copy is being sent to someone who is at a lower designation than the sender

"copy with enclosure to"

For those of you who are having a slight insulting smile on your face, try looking at it
this way. Think of a very very very traditional family whom you are visiting and are about
to take leave from:

When you take leave from the elders, you generally seek their blessings.

When you take leave from your peers, you generally shake hands or embrace.

When you take leave from the kids of the house, you generally give an affectionate pinch or
a kiss.

Think of government offices as an official version of the same. The same inter-generation
struggles are seen, the same atmosphere persists wherein you don't call elders by just
their name, but a suffix which is generally sir/madam.

Stockholm syndrome at work, you say?? Well, "Say what you mean but it won't change a
", but the undeniable and unchallenged fact remains that no one has better record
keeping skills and a minutely defined set of procedures covering every eventuality as a
government agency. This is true, cutting across national borders!!

And yes, copies play a very very vital role; whether you submit it with
respect/compliments: at the end of the day, all that matters is whether it is in the file
or not and for the good of everyone, it better be :D

Friday, July 13, 2007

Statement of Intent

"In the Mumbai, all over India, we are the Bhai, we are the Bhai"

- Aay Ganpat, Chal Daaru Laa

- song from Shootout at Lokhandwala, 2007


Was in Khandala the last wekeend and managed to click quite a few snaps... Samples shown below
Mountain stream: "Men may come and men may go, but I go on forever" from The Brook by Alfred Lord Tennyson
Hilltop with waterfall

Life's fundas are sometimes explained by beer!!! or in this case by beer mugs.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

For the 'club' mentored KRECian

As a former IE member, it pains me to see the state of the Institution of Engineers, Students' Chapter in comparison with Computer Society of India (CSI) and ISTE!!!

Check the websites....


Buck up IE members. Whats happening?

On a related note, Newswagon, the satirical newspaper of KREC also has a 'website' similar to IE.

Wonder of wonders, the students' union, that destroyer of carefully built up friendships has a working website.

Ah, memories...

...the IE 'interviews'

...making a fool of myself @ the newswagon 'interview'

...the proxy war with Newswagon during Crrescendo 2004 over "Anna Karenina"

...THE pep-talk of Elections 2003-04 "We've got them by the balls; and its now time to squeeze"

...overworked and sleepless hospitality committee work

Wish I could live those days again!!!!