Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pseudo Secularism

Today's (28th March 2006) Hindu, Delhi edition carried a small news item which I have reproduced verbatim. I doubt whether this is there on the online edition of The Hindu.

Support for Husain

A group of 33 artists, writers, film-makers, art enthusiasts and academicians on Monday expressed concern at the filing of cases recently against artist M.F.Husaun for allegedly "offending Hindu sentiments" with his nude painting, "Mother India".

Pointing out that they did not want to comment on the specific cases filed in courts, they said Mr.Husain's paintings represented the "multicultural and multireligious mosaic of our identity." To accuse such an artist of religious insensitivity or disrespect for Bharat Mata was an example of "not only ignorance, but perhaps of mischief", they said in a statement.

"Such mischievous acts can arise only out of a narrow-mindedness which is completely contrary to the tolerance and breadth of Indian culture."

OK "art-connoisseurs" , "tolerant", "well informed", "goody-goody" people of India. Enough of your double standards. You good for nothing bums can only protest when the matter concerns Hinduism. Did you have the guts to protest when death threats for the Danish cartoonists were issued by none other than a minister for Haj in UP? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Haj is a subsidised pilgrimage right? Oh! How could I forget? India practises "secularism" of the Animal farm type wherein 'All religions are equal but some religions are more equal than the other".

Anyway, coming back to the point, if Mohammad is sacred to Muslims, Bharat Mata is sacred to Indians, not only Hindus. So, for your kind information, this protest is more nationalistic than religious.

Either condemn all attacks on freedom of expresison as this author does, or else don't condemn any....Choice is yours. This ain't animal farm, this is a country!! Simply don't embark on such publicity stunts from the air conditioned comforts of some hall at IIC or IHC.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Abel "Nobel":The Math Honour

Everyone of us is familiar with the Nobel prize issued anually in the field of Physics, Chemistry, medicine, Literature, Economics and Peace. If you notice carefully, there is an important branch of science missing. An wonder of wonders, it is Mathematics, the queen of subjects. There have been many speculative reasons for Alfred Nobel not to have left behind a legacy of a prize for mathematics. The wikipedia link that I have provided should answer all questions. I'll quote the clinching arguments here:
There are several possible reasons why Nobel created no Prize for mathematics. Nobel was not interested in mathematics. Nobel's will speaks of prizes for those inventions or discoveries of greatest practical benefit to mankind, possibly having in mind more practical than theoretical works. Mathematics was not considered a practical science from which humanity could benefit (a key purpose for the Nobel Foundation).

One other possible reason was that there was already a well known Scandinavian prize for mathematicians. The existing mathematical awards at the time were mainly due to the work of
Gösta Mittag-Leffler, who founded the Acta Mathematica, which a century later is still one of the world's leading mathematical journals. Through his influence in Stockholm he persuaded King Oscar II to endow prize competitions and honor distinguished mathematicians all over Europe, including Hermite, Bertrand, Weierstrass, and Poincaré.

It is often repeated that Nobel refused to endow a mathematics prize because his wife had an affair with Mittag-Leffler. This story is patently untrue, as Nobel never married
All said and done, the Norwegian government began awarding the Abel Prize as a substitute for the Nobel from 2001 onwards. This is named after Niels Henrik Abel who was a young genius of his times. I still remember my mathematics lecturer in MES College quote his name reverentially, "Abel....a great man..a great mathematician" with a shake of his head as if to say, "Why did he have to die so early?" The only other mathematician in the mould of Abel, i.e. one who contributed very heavily to the world of mathematics but died early is Srinivasa Ramanujan. If you want to know more about Ramanujan, i recommend you to read this book called "The Man Who Knew Infinity" by Robert Kanigel. Brilliant writing! Even the mathematical aspects are dealt with lovely skill and the photographs are a collector's delight. Also read the magazine called Resonance. Brilliant scientific writing, much better than the crap-shit that they serve at IEEE and Sciencedirect.
This year's Abel Prize has been awarded to the Swedish mathematician Lennart Carleson. read his biography here. Prof. Carleson's work is based on the elementary but powerful Fourier series that is being taught right from the undergraduate classes. His efforts can be summed up by these lines:

For more than 150 years after Fourier’s discovery, no adequate formulation and justification was found of his claim that every function equals the sum of its Fourier series. In hindsight this loose statement should be interpreted as regarding every function for which "it is possible to draw the graph", or more precisely, every continuous function. Despite contributions by several mathematicians, the problem remained open.

In 1913 it was formalized by the Russian mathematician Lusin in the form of what became known as Lusin’s conjecture. A famous negative result of Kolmogorov in 1926, together with the lack of any progress, made experts believe that it would only be a matter of time before someone constructed a continuous function for which the sum of its Fourier series failed to give the function value anywhere. In 1966, to the surprise of the mathematical community, Carleson broke the decades-long impasse by proving Lusin’s conjecture that every square-integrable function, and thus in particular every continuous function, equals the sum of its Fourier series “almost everywhere”.
The proof of this result is so difficult that for over thirty years it stood mostly isolated from the rest of harmonic analysis. It is only within the past decade that mathematicians have understood the general theory of operators into which this theorem fits and have started to use his powerful ideas in their own work.
An article in The Guardian simplifies matters and even gives us additional fundas about Prof. Carleson's work being used in the iPod. Sample a little:
In the 1960s Carleson showed that any sound, no matter how complicated, can be represented as a series of sine waves. "That translates in the real world as the idea that any sound can be reproduced using the sound of a tuning fork," said a University of Oxford mathematician, Marcus du Sautoy. "The sound of a lion roaring can be broken down into just simple tuning forks."
Nice isn't it? Just when you think that something has been dissected thoroughly and passed through the "sugarcane-crusher" until the last drop has been extracted, someone comes along and refines it. This is research and this is what I am not able to do.
Talking of mathematicians, no conversation is complete without paying homage to the Hungarian mathematicians who are dreaded by their contemporaries elsewhere. I remember having read somewhere after the author had mentioned a particularly difficult problem, said something similar to, "..but don't be surprised if a Hungarian walks up, takes a quick look and writes out the solution..."
Hmm...Hungary reminds me, I'm hungry...For what? I don't know...

Where have all the women gone?

Manish Jha asked this question in Matrubhoomi.


I ask it today.....

It was while returning from the Andhra Bhavan Restaurant today; first by foot to the National Museum bus stop and then by bus to IIT that I realised that I had seen only 5 women who were not in autos or cars or on bikes, that is to say only 5 women in total seen at the bus stops and in the bus. All this at mid-night? No, at 21:00 hrs.

I can only think of the following possible reasons: (please don't label any point u are opposed to as chauvinistic)
1. Delhi females are getting richer by the day and are able to afford auto fares, or buy cars or two wheelers. If this is the case, then women have been sufficiently empowered in Delhi and its the male's turn to do all the catching up.
2. The Delhi female's boyfriend or husband is not a fan of public transport AND/OR is physically & mentally & financially & automobilially acceptable to his GF/wife. These are dangerous signs for "single and ready to mingle" characters like me. "Have....to...improve...attributes....to...get...a...GF...keep....trying...GROAN..SNAP...FALLDOWN"
3. The safety of women in Delhi is pathetic. All along the bus journey I put myself in the shoes (OR chappals if u please) of a female; lets call her Aache-Maneya-Subbamma. Would she have felt comfortable standing alone at a bus stop with poor or no illumination? Would she have felt comfortable travelling in a bus full of men out of whom, at any given point of time 70% would be staring at her?

Well, finally 2 females did get on at Sarojini Nagar market stop. And you should have seen the 'u go first' kinda sacrifice being made by the guys sitting on the ladies' seats. Sacrifice did i say?? Make that 'sacrifice'. Each one was in fact trying to nudge someone else to get up!! The conductor had to intervene to get them the seats.

Bad, bad Delhi!! You are not giving your daughters the freedom to roam around at any time of the 24 hours that make up a day. Learn from New York or closer home, Bombay.

I pray for you Delhi woman (and by way of extension for the Indian woman)! I pray that you should be able to walk 14 blocks at close to midnight like Carrie Bradshaw does in Sex and the City when cabs refuse to go to her part of town. I pray for the day when you will be able to ooze out your sexuality like Samantha Jones; i pray for the day when you are able to show the middle finger like Miranda Hobbes when people mess around with you and I pray for the day when you can shyly step into heaven: the ability to make independent decisions like Charlotte York.

Sleep peacefully Delhi woman, someday things are going to get better.

And oh yeah! When you want to live life like Charlotte York, remember that she chose a non-flamboyant guy Harry Goldenblatt!! Lots of such guys abound!!!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

some more...........

Pakistanis read more!! Geeks!! Now read Kicking Schoolbags
This is how we loved our leaders!!!

Gandhi dead!!!

the era of black and white

beautiful snap! taken before the rival cameraman got into position

Stalwarts both

Looks morphed doesn't it?

Human Durga

Ever Travelled like this

The horrors of partition

Nehru's swearing in

Chocolate promised but potato mash served.....

lovely article on kissing. The pleasant surprise is that Indiatimes put it up in a lovely romantic way unlike the sleaze that they usually come up with.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

arm vs reich...

....in German translates as poor vs rich. and no better article epitomising the wide gulf between
arm and reich in Indien. (forgive the German usage,am learning it, so would like to show off). an
excellent article published by TIME tries to analyse the divide. found this
article through this link.

now lets start one of my favourite sections of this blog i.e. my attempt at analysing the

the last three years of my life have seen a total metamorphosis. from being a rabid capitalist
who cheered whenever the stock markets rose to someone who believes in the naxalite ideology
(though not their means of achieving it..[but again one should remember Che Guevara's dialogue
in The Motorcycle Diaries "A revolution without guns? You must be crazy"...); the journey has
encountered many "tale-tirugiso" (head turning) incidents.

The first was the defeat of the TDP in Andhra Pradesh followed by the defeat of the BJP at the
centre and the "i have to kick you out, but have to keep you too" verdict for the Congress under
S.M.Krishna in Karnataka. Of course there had been similar ousters previously like these in
Madhya Pradesh (Digvijay Singh) and Rajasthan (Ashok Gehlot). But this stung since 2004
was the first time that I voted. BJP at the centre and the Congress at the state level (Karnataka)
screamed my vote as I cast it into the ballot box at the KREC school. I must admit that
the India Shining campaign of the BJP government at the centre and the Bangalore-centric
agenda of the Krishna government had blinded me so much that i had forgotten that
there were places like Dharavi, Telengana, Vidharba and Wayanad.

Vidharba raises another interesting question. The HQ of the biggest scoundrels in the
country namely the RSS and hence indirectly the spiritual and ideological HQ of the BJP,
Nagpur is the biggest city of this area. wtf were they doing with regard to the farmers?

The second major influence happened when I came to IIT Delhi. It was on a winter night in January 2005, I was returning from Connaught Place where I had seen all the post new year revelries still shining. About 400 metres from IIT is a crude home of migrant labourers. These homes are nothing more than tents and to the credit of the males among these labourers (Learn, all ye female foetus exterminators), the women and the girls were huddled in the tents (and a good thing too, God knows who might have kidnapped them in a moving car and raped them..Delhi is the rape capital na???) while the male folks shivered outside. Chivalry apart, the quiet and determined nature by which these guys braved the cold while many of us fortunate ones ranted and raved about the chilly winds, cursed the temperature and longed (foolishly) for summer to arrive.

The third one is of course, 'The Motorcycle Diaries'. This one dragged me towards socialism, a
kind of socialism which encourages the 'bade-bade log' to progress but ensures that distribution
of wealth is done by an independent honest regulator of course aided by some efficient and
impartial tax collectors.

Coming back to the TIME article, there are certain statements and quotes that show how
much of poverty is being thrust into our face and yet we bury our heads in our sand with
our asses jutting out in the air like ostriches. no wonder the naxalites are butt-fucking us
currently in dandakaranya. Sample a few:

Fifty years ago in newly independent India, castes mixed in the street and overt
displays of wealth were more than crass—they were suspicious. But today
rich and poor lead wholly separate lives. The rich shop in malls, patronize
private schools and hospitals, and relax in gyms and spas. The poor live in
slums, send their children to work, and can't afford health care.

This economic partition means that a two-bedroom flat in south Bombay, with a view of
the 700,000-resident Dharavi slum, may sell for $750,000. Construction giant Sahara offers
Swiss-style chalets and Burmese-style teak villas in a secure 2,025-hectare park outside Bombay.
Manager Seemanto Roy says Amby Valley will have artificial lakes, a golf course, an indoor ski
slope and a dial-a-nightclub service enabling residents to order lights and sound to their
own patios. When residents venture out, they can be whisked by a high-speed train to
downtown Bombay, which Roy says will cut a three-hour trek through the slums to
20 minutes in comfort. In the words of Delhi University politics professor Achin Vanaik,
those on the train will avoid the "angry humiliation" of India's backwardness.

Slumped in her Patilpada doorway, Jaie Bhambruy, 32, struggles to pull her one-year-old
twins onto her breasts. The children, one wailing, one limp, are too weak to suckle.
"We went to the hospital," she says, "but they sent us away [so as] not to embarrass the

This article goes on to state that "growth never trickles down evenly. its only by opening the
economy, producing the odd billionaire who produces thousands of jobs that poverty can be
overcome". True, and this is also what I preach. But what does one do if that billionaire is a
tax evader, hoards wealth and the share of money that trickles down is miniscule? This
situation is not even going back to square one, it is negative because in the process of
making one man super rich, how many people would have been unsettled, just for the sake
of the crumbs that he would have thrown at them with the contempt that he would not have
reserved for even his dogs. Something we all need to think about.

No country seems to have sorted this issue out. Donno who will be the pioneer in eradicating
poverty. But it certainly won't be eradicated by silly concerts and G8 declarations...

I'll just say "All my people right here right now; do you know what i mean?"

or as the Germans say, "Alle, wissen sie?"

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Using Jean Baptiste Fourier's Name.....

Here's something that Keshav and myself wrote as an intro for our batch's yearbook Smriti 2004. Found it at home and decided to put it up.

The 'Four-year' Transform


v [trans fa`wrm]

vt change something dramatically: to change people or things completely, especially improving their appearence or usefulness.

Have we undergone a transformation? What were we? What are we?

Dark were the clouds, and roaring was the sky, when we put our first steps in KREC. It was the August of 2000. Looking at the main lobby, all of us would have thought 'This will be my home for the next four years' and heaved a sigh of relief thinking that the efforts put during 11th and 12th standards were not in vain.

For many, the first challenge must have been adjusting to hostel life. Not having left the hallowed comforts of their homes, the rooms; the bullet proof rotis; the bathrooms and the presence of so many unique individuals must have come as a real wake up call for many. "When you can't beat 'em, join 'em" was the name of the game and we realised the nuances of this game quite early and since then there was no stopping us.

As a batch we have excelled in everything. We have had some of the best quizzers, best sportsmen, best artists, best entertainers, who made every event like INCI, CRRESCENDO, PHOENIX memorable for all of us. Surely, the batch of 2004 rocks.
In retrospection, one can say that nothing is permnent except change and changes that we saw were like swimming pool, new blocks, new Nescafe in the campus and nomenclatural transforms like KREC to NITK. We also sa ourselves changing from adolescents, unsure of ourselves, to clear thinking individuals who know what they want to do in future. Ultimately the 'four year' transform has made us secure and confident to face the world.

These four years, some call it the four year itch, some a long vacation...has surely been the best part of our lives so far.
The campus and the faces will change with time, but what will remain unchanged is the NITKian way of life an our memories.

With all our heart we wish everyone good luck for the future.

Goodbye till we meet again.

-The Smriti Team

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Rapchik maal..haath lagao...shame!! shame!!!

wanna know more about sexual harrasment?
read streets, stories, strategies and train to chennai
Two different stories with the same theme but theres a different lesson to be learnt in each.

if these does not atleast move you then thou shalt be christened Stoneheart.

Simply Southern Facts

This post is dedicated to all those N.Indians who think that S.India is filled with Hindi hating buggers who apply oil, oil and more oil; who don't use swear words abusing one's mother or sister just to indicate closeness among friends; who wear a lungi (yikes!!! even for our dress we need to take permission from the imperial durbar of Delhi!!!!); S. Indian females are all alike and much more...(let me state beforehand that this is not a generalisation of the N.Indian male, but aimed at a few feudal age bums)....
Karama Pesi Kovama Pata Andhra Ponnu nu terinjuko
Kaveri Pola Varamal irunda Karnataka nu terinjuko
Dhaaralama Manasu Irunda Kerala nu terinjuko
Nazhuvara Meenula Nazhuvura Meenu nammooru ponnu nu terinjuko

Singer: Manicka Vinayagam, playback singer for Madhavan
Song: Theradi Veethiyil
Movie: Run

A strange song wherein the hero suddenly takes it upon himself to give fundas to the aam junta. He gives fundas such as "If a Brahmin girl is seen buying fish, then it implies a love marriage", "If a chariot carying the God comes on the street then it means that theres a fest going on", "A cycle without a carrier is the best for lovers" etc. A strange beginning for this post, since its beginning indicates an all out attack on my brethren living north of the Vindhyas. Have done it deliberately because I want you to see that all southern women are not the same. (i could not recollect anything else)

The last stanza is pretty interesting, because he enroaches on territory usually treaded with the trepidation reserved (henceforth) for republishing the perfectly reasonable Mohammad cartoons. (I'll write something on this later. Might even put up the cartoons if I can convince myself that some crazy jihadi will not assasinate me.) He talks about the females from the southern states of India. Wonder where Goa went!! Not to worry, I'll try to bring up something after I finish this post. He says:

If a female talks harshly and looks at you menacingly, shes from Andhra Pradesh
If she refuses to come to you like the Kaveri river, then shes from Karnataka
If she has a liberal mindset then she's from Kerala
If she's worse than a slippery eel (technical translation of meen is 'fish') then shes form our place i.e Tamil Nadu

Okay, you may snigger about these lines. Go ahead!! Do the ROTFL, LOL and all associated stuff, but if it has entered your thick skull that every region is unique then one of my targets has been met.

Okay, lets come to the lungi part. Whats your problem with it? Since you will not appreciate the confort of this if I state it in that way, let me ask you a few questions. Just because you have dry merciless summers in N.India do you think the weather Gods are also bound to follow your diktat that the south should also have roasting 45 to 50 degree summers? Do you know that since S.India is a peninsula which FYI is surrounded by the sea on 3 sides, heavy duty humidity is also a part of our lives here. OK agreed that there are some places like Hyderabad-Karnatak, Vidharba, Telengana where the weather Gods carry out 'Thy Bidding'. But focus on the average 'Madrasi'. Do you realise that summer clothing for us also has to take into account the ventilation aspect too? Do you think some pyjama is gonna facilitate that?

Now come to our 'rashtrabhasha'. Since when did UP, Bihar, Rajasthan and MP constitute Bharat Rashtra? You tried every scheme to make us learn Hindi, but in your desie to dominate you forgot the basic law of economics, namely 'The Necessity of an incentive' to achieve the goal. Let me quote Steven Levitt of Freakonomics fame for you...
"Economics is, at root the study of incentives, how people get what they want, or need, especially when other people want or need the same thing. Economists love incentives. They love to dream them up and enact them, study them and tinker with them. The typical economist believes that the world has not invented a problem that he cannot fix if given a free hand to design the proper incentive scheme. His solution may not be always pretty - it may involve coercion or exorbitant penalties or the violation of civil liberties- but the original problem, rest assured, will be fixed. An incentive is a bullet, a lever, a key: an often tiny object with astonishing power to change a situation".

Is it so difficult? All that was needed on your part to shut up the likes of the assholes like Karunanidhi, MGR, Annadurai etc and save a whole state from burning was to use some brain and devise some scheme so that people would have seen it as an incentive rather than a threat which, passing a bill is. Your desire to impose your unwanted clout resulted in almost 2 generations of Tamil Nadu residents losing out on Hindi. The results are still there to see: "Dude, they look at you with murderous intent if you speak Hindi in Chennai". Right to an extent, but not completely. The names Chennai now, and (quoting from the editorial of The Hindu, March 6th 2006), much water has flown down the Kaveri, the Palar, the Ponnaiyar, the Pennar, the Vaigai. Infact autorickshaw drivers in Chennai can give you fundas in Hindi if you try some stunt thinking they are ignorant, as my friend T V Rajinikant discovered much to his chagrin.

Now, lets come to the issue of 'black gold'. Has any South indian ever asked you to touch his/her hair (the plume if i may state in order to remove 'misconceptions')? Then whats your problem with them applying oil? Do you think they are consuming oil at a rapid rate such that our national reserves are reducing? Do you think they are indirectly increasing petrol prices? hah!!! get over such thinking and accept them as people.

The next grouse that I have is regarding your attitude regarding Carnatic music. Do you think that only Gharanas and singing stuff like "Kanhaiyya mohe bachao (or is it baccha ho?)" is next to Godliness? If you are unable to distinguish between Hamsadhwani and Saraswati raga; between Kadanakutuhala raga and kalyani raga and/or Aberi and Sri raga, is that the collective sin of the 'Vindhyas and down under' which has to be atoned for?

If S.Indians talk in tamil, kannada, telugu, malayalam, konkani or tulu and if you are unable to understand, what makes you think that you have a fundamental right and S. Indians have a fundamental duty with regard to translation? And whats the cardinal rule that Hindi has to be spoken when you are around? If theres anything concerning you, it will be conveyed in Hindi or English, rest assured.

Whats your problem if students from Andhra Pradesh study more and more? In the same way your almost rabid chase of PSUs is also questionable. Man, if you guys are ready to ditch good jobs like ABB, GE just because you want the extra "mez ke neeche" (below the table) cash, just fuck yourselves!!! Don't ask me how. You great ones may have some God given bodily feature by which you can satisfy your carnal desires even in the absence of a partner......and before you even think of pointing it out, let me make it clear that masturbation is a process and not a bodily feature.

Also please note, swear words are a part and parcel of southern culture too. its just that either you are too dimwitted or nonchalant to observe its usage. Next time look out for phrases like "Onga atha", "nim hendr", "Thevadiya payale" etc

uff!! this post has become way too long. somehow i lost my temper today and decided to write...guess, continuous torturous sermons about how the south should adapt like the north has got to me...Now that I am back to normal, let me just quote Stephen Fleming the New Zealand cricket captain, "The nature of pitches should not be made uniform. Because it will then take away the beauty and charm of playing in different places." In the same way, if you try to make a delhi out of chennai, a gurgaon out of bangalore, a noida out of hyderabad, a varanasi out of chidambaram; it will take away the beauty and charm of our land.

To conclude, something radically different from this post. I was having this discussion with my neice whos into her first year medicine. She was groaning about the size and number of books that she has to study. Girl, even professional engineering societies like the IEEE are grappling with the problem of teaching the younger generation that engineers are also 'cool' people who serve society. You docs have no such image problem......So a few books for a few years should not be an issue. Think of the 'larger' benefits that you tend to gain...Also, medical colleges have a better sex ratio compared to the deserts that engineering colleges are..As Purandaradasa once said, "Adaddella Ulithe Aayithu" (Whatever has happened is for the good)!!!!!

Belated Women's Day wishes to any female who (if at all) happens to read my blog. Women centric wishes that I wish on this day:
1. May manu sharma be hanged to death...let jessica get justice.
2. May all the IIPM bloggers who abused Rashmi Bansal in such filthy terms experience the same shit that they desired for her.
3. May the blanknoiseproject eliminate sexual harrasment. sorry girls, the prevailing connection at IITD put me off from attempting to put up a post in support on 7th.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Chuck Sachin and Laxman too....

Scene 1: The Karachi Test, India's Tour of Pakistan, 2006

All that was required from the world's 'best' batting line up was to just last for 2 days. Not a
Herculean task I must say. Yes, I am nowhere near international class cricket, but there have
been instances when I have had to hang on for extended periods and i have done my duty diligently without being flashy. Mr. Sachin and Laxman, you might give the excuse that Mohd Asif was at his best. Agreed to that too, but couldn't you see him off? What was the need to score fours and more fours. Again, you might invoke the Bangalore test of Pakistan's tour of India where you, the great Gods had gone into a shell once Sehwag was dismissed. Probably you wanted to atone for that and you ended up overcompensating. No my dear 'jewels of India', this is not the way. And the way you got out....Sachin, you get a little sympathy because the ball kept low, but Laxman, your career is akin to someone in the middle of a rope bridge which is swaying dangerously in the wind and the supports rapidly collapsing. Laxman Jhoola Version II I must say........

Scene 2: The Nagpur Test, England's Tour of India, 2006

Laxman lbw b Hoggard 0
Sachin lbw b Monty panesar 16

Again agreed that England bowled well. But why is it that whenever you guys are batting it always seems like a wicket is going to fall? Is it because of you guys losing it or is the bowling so
menacing? Or is it that I support you guys unconciously even though on the outside i pretend to
be hyper cool about India getitng beaten and vociferously support the opponents? Hell, in asking
for your heads I have gone into introspection!!!!!!!

Whatever, Sachin and Laxman should be kept out for a few games. They are too precious to be
thrown out forever considering that they have 6-7 years left in them. But you guys need to get
back to Shivaji park and Hyderabad Gymkhana (??? is this where "hydra"badis learn cricket????)...

Time to give Venugopala Rao a look in in tests. S. Sharath, S. Sriram, Hemang badani from TN also deserve a chance. Robin Uthappa, Barrington Rowland from Karnataka; laxmi rattan Shukla from Bengal..and many more need a look in..guess some competition will make Sachin and Laxman play properly.

In the end, I can't help saying this, but Ganguly could come in for Laxman...

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