Thursday, April 29, 2010

Indian Writers - I: Jahnavi Barua

It has been pretty long since I wrote and indeed, its been long since I read any Indian author's offering. A few audacious choices and the vagaries of the book queue at the British council has left me with an assortment of philosophical books to read.

I'm absolutely in no mood to read philosophy - specially after the energy sapping "What is good?" or something to that effect. Hence, I decided to rummage through my cupboard for the books that I had bought but not read, and out came "Next Door" a set of short stories by Jahnavi Barua.

The stories breathe Assam; not surprising since the author is from there. The stories are also nice and heart tugging, with lot of focus on the extremist movement, the way the people lead their lives and most important, the references to the Brahmaputra - the more you read the more you want to go to Assam.

Thanks Jahnavi - I've never been to the North East, will commence with your state sometime :)