Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Art and Science of Food Tasting

I face a very unique situation - I absolutely adore my wife and the meals that she cooks; but I am pretty much clueless when asked to point out flaws in them. Why, you may ask? I attribute it to only this - I stayed in hostels for 6 years of my study life. I've tasted food cooked by disinterested folks who were only interested in quantity rather than quality & taste. Therefore, my mentality has adapted itself to one fact - home food is priceless; and thou shalt not criticise it at any cost.

This said, I've noticed that the Mrs. has the innate ability to identify even subtle changes in sweet, salt and sour and whatever other taste exists on this planet earth. This, I must attribute to her having had home food throughout and the education that she has received from her mom.

All said and done, I believe that while my attitude might encourage the chef to innovate, it definitely does not have the means to provide proper feedback which is also essential for a chef's 'kitchen progression'.

I need to develop the taste and talent of a culinary connoisseur :-)