Saturday, May 17, 2008

Maharashtrian Food, why hasn't it spread?

This article in the Economic Times, highlights a few probable reasons as to why Maharashtrian cuisine has not spread far and wide as compared to other cuisines like Gujarati, South Indian, Punjabi etc.

Please do not violently jump in support of or against the article. It is indeed sad that such a tasty and healthy cuisine is not getting the popularity that it should.

An instance comes to my mind in connection with the article-

The Maharashtra bhavan in Delhi- This place is supposed to be the symbol of Maharashtra in Delhi with the cuisine and the decor being the representative of Maharashtrian flavour. The decor hardly looked Maharashtrian and the food - there was more Chinese available than Marathi cuisine. Contrast with Andhra Bhavan who serves only authentic Andhra cuisine,

My recollection will only reinforce what the author has said in his article. But its the truth isn't it? If you try to be good at something else which someone else is an expert at, forgetting your own strengths, do you think you will get anywhere?