Tuesday, June 27, 2006


it has been a whirlwind trip for the past 15-20 days. rushed back home from delhi on the 9th. had a nice 10 day break at home and then joined work on the 19th at bangalore. flew to bombay on the 22nd and am now in nagpur on business.

bombay has been awe inspiring speciaslly the airport. i just love the city..until i saw nagpur. its the exact opposite of mumbai. wide empty roads...lotsa greenery and yeah, awesome landscape...i love it...i love it...

a detailed blog is due..will try to update ASAP

Saturday, June 10, 2006

To Right or to Reed?

BJP is right, Republicans are right, BNP is right and so are the jihadi entities. And needless to talk about reeds, because I do not know what to talk with respect to them.

So, I'll cut the crap and just say that I want to say "To Write or to Read"? I met one of my friends who lectures on English literature in one of Bangalore's best colleges. Our conversation started off with the general exchange of pleasantaries and catch-up stuff.

We even discussed James Joyce whose Ulyssyes, I am struggling to go beyond the fifth page. I asked him, "Man, sometime I want to see you writing." To which he said, "No, please. To write, one needs to stop reading, and at this point of time, I cannot afford to stop reading."

Why??? This is what ran through my mind:

1. The time factor: Authors' might not be good at multitasking.

2. The 'avoid Kavyaa Viswanathan' factor: the more you read , the more influenced you might be by the other author, leading to chances of plagiarism.

3. The I don't wanna write, thats all line of thinking....

What do you think?????