Monday, February 07, 2005

Andhra Bhavan

Every university student who stays away from home desires nothing more than good homely food. Efforts are made in various forms to satisfy their taste buds. As a student of IIT Delhi from South India, it is but natural that i desire southern food. (nevermind my recent supportive statement "Northie food has more variety than Southie food").
I have access to food from all southern states except Goa. Tamilnadu food is obtained at 'Tamilnadu mess' @Munirka, 'Sagarrathna' @Malviya Nagar; Karnataka food at 'Karnataka' @Yusuf Sarai, 'Udupi' @Munirka; Mallu food at 'Keraleeyam' @Munirka and Gulti food @'Andhra Bhawan', Ashok Road (near India Gate).
Among the above mentioned eating places, the best one is Andhra Bhavan. Andhra Bhavan is the official guest house of the Andhra Pradesh government. Every state of the Union of India has a 'Bhavan', but its only Andhra Bhavan wherein the canteen is opened to the public. (According to some sources, Karnataka Bhavan also opens its canteen but the food is bad. Wont comment on this till I experience this personally.) The cost of vegetarian food is Rs.50/-. The menu includes unlimited rotis/puris, unlimited helpings of gravy, unlimited rice and limited helpings of papad and sweet dishes. Non vegetarian dishes cost Rs.100/-. No clue about the menu.
How to get there:
(1) Board a bus going towards India Gate and alight there
(2) Walk from India gate in the direction of CP and ask for directions to Ashoka Road.
(3) Andhra Bhavan is clearly visible at the intersection of Ashoka Road and Jaswant Singh Marg.
(1) You may have to wait for a long time during peak hours.
(2) Be forceful with the host, else some other smart asses will nudge ahead of you in the queue.


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