Friday, May 13, 2005


its a sense of relief for every student, whatever class he/she may be when exams come to an end. its like as if the world has been lifted off atlas' shoulders.
this blog is an interesting opportunity to analyse the examination system of IIT Delhi. The evaluation is spread out over the entire semester. the general pattern is 2 minor tests, 1 main test. the professor can make up the total with these itself or he can provide some weightage for assignments or quizzes etc. this is an impressive scheme. u have to be on ur toes all the semester. no flash in the pan efforts. but the flip side isthat if u slip even once then its going to be really tough to get back. this is the grouse that student's normally nurse against this system. but having lived life in the student lane i must say that the students waste time throughout the semester and end up losing sleep and health towards the end. infact there is lot of time for extra curricular activities too. a bit of moderation would help in the long run.
all said and done what i just said is not going to be practised even by me. just hoping that someone follows it and tells me the result.

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