Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hitler worship on Mount Road

Mount Road is the spinal cord of Madras (i don't like the new name Chennai). Madras as you know is one of the four metros in India, the others being Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta. Built by the British out of a fishing hamlet, it is one of those lovely places where you find tradition and modernity balancing each other perfectly. Kanjeevaram saree clad mamis in Ranganathar Theruvu (ranganathar road-> the road shown in the song 'Girlfriend', of the movie 'Boys'), jeans clad chicks on Besant nagar beach, the lovers at marina, bangy IITians shouting 'Yen Maga', the window shoppers and the credit card swipers at Spencers, the lovely Trisha, you will find them all here.
The incident which charecterises the title of this blog happened last Saturday ( July 2nd). I was on my 5th trip to Madras and my first to Spencer's Plaza. I don't know what has come over me nowadays. I go to check out the malls (and of course the maals in them) in whichever city I go. By far, Gurgaon wins hands down. The Spencer's Plaza is located on Mt. Road. But as I generally do, I located the side entrance (the sidey character that I am...just joking....I am as sweet as sugar comes) and was passing along the road when the picture of Hitler caught my eye. My head immediately went into a spin. I rubbed my eyes, pinched myself. 'Could this be true? Is the founder of the third reich, the bastard exterminator of Jews being potrayed in the heart of Madras?' was the first thing that caught my eye. Upon casting my eyes around the potrait, i also found the hated anticlockwise swastika, the symbol of the nazis and the words Heil Hitler. It was shocking to say the least. the beast who murdered millions and caused the biggest and most bloodiest war in the history of mankind was being openly paraded on the centrestage of Madras, the most tolerant city in India, the second most Anglicised city in India after bangalore (there will be a blog on this sometime in the future). If this had been Europe, the offender would have found himself behind bars.
The stain Hitler has caused upon germans is enormous. They are still derided as nazis in many parts of the world. the best example is during the 2002 Soccer world cup finals telecast on MG Road in bangalore. Chants of 'Go Nazi go' rent the air. such worship of such a beast and more so the open worship in a tolerant place like Madras is disturbing. it reflects the development of the ideology of hatred among people. More so, it is an insult to Germans in general.
At this juncture, people may ask me 'How is it that a guy paranoid about Germany should criticise the very person who gave Germany a sense of identity and enabled them to break free from the shackles of the Treaty of Versailles?'. My answer to this would be is that 'yes, I do admire Germany. I admire the Wehrmacht, the scientists and engineers who developed the Panzer, U Boats, the Stuka. I admire Germans like Otto von Bismarck and Erwin Rommel. Scum like Hitler, Ribbentrop, Reynard Heidrich,Hermann Goering, Goebbels et al should be confined to the dustbin of history and most important, their memory should never be recycled which is precisely what the Mount Road incident did. ' You may not appreciate my words but i earnestly request you to read books like 'The rise and the fall of the third reich' by William Shirer; 'The Scrouge of the swastika' which will leave a deep imprint of the horrors wrought on Europe by these vermin Nazis.
Think it over people, if this becomes a trend, then we surely are on a highway (nay flyway) to hell.
Coming to pleasant topics, I have a few blog topics in mind. One is definitely going to be on Deepika Padukone, my latest crush. the others could possibly be: into the mind of a frustu; a few effective habits of PJ masters and of course a derogatory article on my embattered and humiliated f(r)iends the BJP (i call them BaJji Party now, because like onion (vengayam) or mirchi (molagai) Bajji they are being devoured with great gusto although by themselves).
And a question to my readers? Do you think the amount of tamil that I am using in my blog needs to be cut down? i seem to have developed a sudden fetish for writing tamil words in English...Inspiration???? Trisha Krishnan..................


Rohan said...

Derogatory articles are eagerly awaited. ;-)

Rohan said...

Trisha Krishnan... hmm.. not bad, not bad at all... way to go DK!

Karthik Subramani said...

hey deeks , found ur blog just this week , u got urself a reader and a critic 11 . Hmm , I have a book ..Mein Kempf ...is it a good read ?

The tamil is perfectly fine machi , in fact I too have tat fetish and its too much fun to let go .

I used to like Trisha ...but after the nude vid , I lost interest in her ... theres a girl called Gopika ... the one in Kana kanden ... I like that babe ... maybe I ll blog tat ... in the meantime , keep writing !


Sharath Rao said...

" Madras, the most tolerant city in India, ...."

Cant wait to read more on that .. ;-)