Sunday, October 02, 2005

We deserve what we have

Some incidents in the last few days have made me think on the lines of the title. The incident concerned was during the inter-hostel aquatic events specially water polo. Some members of my hostel brought disrepute to everything that they represent and the game, by indulging in activities like impersonation of players, trying to eyewash the officials etc. Its a relief that the culprits have been brought to book.
If the so called 'elite' among the engineers can behave like this, then what right do we have to complain against our rulers? If we want an honest administration, we have to have an honest society first. Do we have that? But we preach to the others.
This is a national syndrome. India is the most hypocritic nation in the world in all fields. Examples? Plenty abound:
1) We have the communist bufoons led by the CPI(M) and CPI (specially Prakash Karat) who advocate outdated unionism and communism on the rest of India while in Bengal Buddhadeb Bhattacharya rules like a capitalist. In addition, these oafs regard the Russian and Chinese nuke tests as 'asserting their rights' while Indian tests are considered as deviating away from an independent foreign policy....
2) We shout ourselves hoarse as the champions of democracy and castigate Nepal for having imposed dictatorship, when the reality is that its the same here..In Nepal the king rules with an iron hand while in India, armed gangs (be they 'in-law' or 'outlaw') rule the roost.
3) We expect our leaders to be honest but we ourselves take the easy path at the earliest available opportunity.
4) We claim things like 'woman is mother/sister blah blah' but how do we behave when we see a bit of skin or a foreign woman? People literally go berserk...why ago that far? just answer this simple question...whats the status of a woman in our society?
5) We say that our society is 'moral' and western society is 'immoral'....what is done by the westerners that Indians do not do? rapes? orgies? porn clippings? Holy shit man, just accept the reality and get along with it. This item specially applies to tamil nadu....simple matters like the personal opinion of Khushboo, a private party at a 5 star hotel, choice of dress on campuses is projected as an assault on the 'Tamil woman"......interaction b/w the sexes is prohibited on campuses.....Who makes these comments/decisions? People who are known for their concubine connections......

There are many more....A list would occupy the entire space on the web. Coming back to the heart of the post, an Indian will be an Indian whatever age India exists in..Even if it becomes a superpower, India will be backward morally and ethically.........And this is the beginnign of the end of superpowerdom......

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Karthik Subramani said...

Well... profound thought as usual . I agree TN is overdoing stuff wrt separating sexes and other such stuff we had enuff of in school . It seems that same attitude carries over to wherever we go , so they are effectively doing great harm! Watch this movie called "The Island"... in it they used cloned humans for spare parts and the cloned ppl are not allowed to have sex... or even know wat it is!
Other issues u raised ... hmmm , i dont have a direct contact with the working of the politics ..or rather I dont know wat to believe and wat not to, but observing ppl around me for some time , i say the basic funda of ability being the criterion is not true. many factors are involved ignoring which u can't climb the ladder .

its already too long a comment :) , so i ll sign off , good work ... as with the "kannada "issue , which i chose not to join ... i know it ll go into recursion with further agitation.