Saturday, June 10, 2006

To Right or to Reed?

BJP is right, Republicans are right, BNP is right and so are the jihadi entities. And needless to talk about reeds, because I do not know what to talk with respect to them.

So, I'll cut the crap and just say that I want to say "To Write or to Read"? I met one of my friends who lectures on English literature in one of Bangalore's best colleges. Our conversation started off with the general exchange of pleasantaries and catch-up stuff.

We even discussed James Joyce whose Ulyssyes, I am struggling to go beyond the fifth page. I asked him, "Man, sometime I want to see you writing." To which he said, "No, please. To write, one needs to stop reading, and at this point of time, I cannot afford to stop reading."

Why??? This is what ran through my mind:

1. The time factor: Authors' might not be good at multitasking.

2. The 'avoid Kavyaa Viswanathan' factor: the more you read , the more influenced you might be by the other author, leading to chances of plagiarism.

3. The I don't wanna write, thats all line of thinking....

What do you think?????

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murali said...

Hey, I gave up Ulysses after 100 pages. I just glanced at the last few pages and it seems that the last 50 odd pages is one single sentence without any punctuations.