Monday, July 10, 2006

Nagpur, a city ahead of its time

The night of June 28th was spent in fitful,`partial and fearful sleep. Fearful because I was afraid that I would miss my 07:05 Jet airways flight to Nagpur, on my first ever business tour. Wake up finally I did at 04:00 and completed the usual stuff that all human beings are supposed to do when they get up every morning.

The early morning drive from Worli to Santa Cruz in incessant rain, with all the road to me, my driver and my taxi, was awesome. The best part of this city Bombay is that, even at such an early hour, there is life, proving that this is India's answer to New York as the 'City that never sleeps'.

Bombay airport domestic terminal B is a deadly piece of architecture with the mere sight of it enough to knock you out of sleep. The same happened to me. Once I entered, I began by old dirty habit of criticising Bangalore (I need to overcome this, after all its my hometown). Spotted my colleague, checked in and finally was on board the flight awaiting the journey to Nagpur.

I was supposed to stay at Hotel Chidambaram in some area called Ramdaspeth. The journey to this place showcased some of the best roads that Nagpur has got and I guess, the only flyover.

Later on, my work took me to areas to get to which I had to travel through some of the best landscapes of Nagpur. I mean it was as if I was in the US where you get to see acres and acres of space with hardly anyone in sight. Atleast for me, having come from some of the most crowded cities of India (Bangalore, Delhi and Bombay), this was a sight in contrast.

My manager summarised it by saying, "This certainly looks like the city of the future." It well might be, but I attribute the emptiness to the heat and nothing else but the heat...For a moment, when I saw females all wrapped up like the Saracens, I felt for a moment that I was back in Delhi..

Next blog would probably be on one of the following topics:
1. My journey from Amravathi to Chandrapur
2. My stay in Chandrapur, one of the bastions of the naxals.
3. My enjoyable stay in Bombay..specially the night ride from Haji Ali to Goregaon.

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Rohan said...

Dude, if you are in nagpur anytime, do put in a visit to my place. It's near Ramdaspeth.