Friday, April 20, 2007


Will India ever see such a versatile person like Girish Karnad?

I had written earlier about his play called Bimba... The Magazine of The Hindu carries an article on his first play in English called 'Flowers' staged at the Prithvi Theatre in Juhu, Bombay. A pity that Juhu is so far away from home!!! Might have considered going if there was good company; nay, make that SOME company!!!

Loved this extract from the report:

It is significant that the priest in "Flowers" worships with the same flowers,
the Shiva Lingam in the day and the body of Chandravati at night. In the end, in
a dramatic resolution of conflict, the two merge. Physical passion and spiritual
devotion become one as do notions of the male and female. When the king asks the
priest, "Does God have long hair?" Karnad breaks down gender assumptions and
what we have is a poignant soliloquy that questions and debates relentlessly
even as it shares with the audience, the character's anguish in conflict.

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