Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Oscar Gaffe

The choice of Ekalavya: The Royal Guard as India's nominee for the Oscars is pathetic to say the least. The selection committee has lost the match for the country before it starts. Why do I say so?

1. There was atleast one superb movie - Gandhi my Father comes to my mind. There may be many such hidden gems in regional movies.

2. From my empirical observation, I feel that the jury looks for meaningful cinema which is novel at the same time. Ekalavya may be a superbly shot movie; may have the old-world charm to it, but does it come close to Gandhi My Father? No, Sir!!!

Every year the selection committee makes the same mistakes. They just go by the names of the big stars and try to cash in on them.

When will these buffoons realise that popularity among desis doesn't mean that the whole world takes notice?


eternal search said...

Popularity among desis??????? Eklavya was a BIG Flop Deepak..... anyways, can't comment on whether its the right choice or not coz i have not seen the movie neither do i wish to watch it ever, hehehe...

Deepak Krishnan said...

well, if it was a flop, all the more reason for it not to be sent isn't it??? :D

eternal search said...

A movie being a flop at the box office does not mean that the movie is bad.

I am not saying that Eklavya is good though, since I have not watched it so far... but box office success is no criterion to judge a movie.

Deepak Krishnan said...


the operative phrase is "all the more reason".... if in addition to being a run of the mill big banner movie, if it also was a box office flop, thats like adding on to the list of reasons :D