Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Glenn Mcgrath strikes again....

.... or rather the entities from whom he derives his nick-name, the pigeons strike again. They are a real pest, let me tell you. Upto last month they were good neighbours; I let them roost and they never crossed the boundaries of my window.

The last week was an exercise in detection. Every evening, my toilet kit, deo and vicks bottle used to lie on the floor. I used to blame the easterlies, the westerlies and what not for their toppling over. I have even spent hours trying to analyse how the wind could have come in at such a bent angle and still manage to topple over stuff which is kept quite far away from the edge of the shelf.

Monday proved to be the 'eureka' day. It was early in the morning and I was about to leave for my gym, and I accidentaly managed to peek into my bedroom to look for a pair of socks when I had the shock of my life. Two bloody pigeons were hovering dangerously close to my after-shave bottle. The bastards had come in so silently; the sort of silence that would make stealth fighters proud.

My life has turned topsy-turvy. I was the proud advocate of not sealing off the space meant for the air conditioning unit in the name of fresh air. These bloody birds have made me seal the space with newspapers!!! Cheap as it may sound, this is a temporary measure until I get a screen window installed.

Bhagyashree might have sung

"Kabootar ja ja ja, Kabootar ja ja ja
Pehli pyaar ki pehli chitti, saajan ko de aa"

But my song is
"Kabootar ja ja ja, kabootar ja ja ja
Chitti to chodo, Pyaar karne waali bhi nahin
Bas mere ghar khaali kar ke chala ja"

Anyone with ideas on how to drive away pigeons please leave your suggestions in the comments section.


Vishnu said...

get a dog!! :-)

Sepsis said...

maga neenu gymge hogtiya anta helakke ishtalla cabaretna? magane pigeons are the worsht fliers i have seen. Noisy agitators (hehe) go to an ENT specialist, u have gone deaf. stealth fighters! ya rite :P

sharath said...

Find someone to letters to so that you can keep the pigeons busy doing your stuff rather than doing stuff to you :D

(free service :-) ) ..

Deepak Krishnan said...

unfortunately i hate dogs and other pets. you can ask sharath rao for confirmation on this. he'll have a couple of stories

nambtiyo ilvo, stealth aage bandittu

"Find someone".... my response to anyone who says this is, "But where is the market?" :P

eternal search said...

A pigeon once entered my flat as well and he was so petrified himself...poor creature...that I had to spend the entire day on cleaning the pigeon shit after i somehow MANAGED to shoo him out of my house but i never abused the creature, so don't abuse them please...

Deepak Krishnan said...

@ eternal search:

I won't harm them, thats for sure and I am going to allow them to continue roosting. But, abusing I guess is two way - the pigeons may be abusing me when i shoo them away, and i abuse them when they enter :D