Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Macha/Maga/Dude/Yaar, whoever you are - "Blogger is improving!!!"

One particular feature of Wordpress which I wanted to see in Blogger was the way by which anyone could leave behind their site/blog URL while commenting.

Finally, my prayers have been answered.

Thanks to the Blogger team.

Those coming in from Wordpress/Livejournal, please try the feature by commenting.


Anjuli said...

but the URL comes when u leave a comment anyways, I mean u can click and get to the page, right?

theek se matlab samjhao!

Deepak Krishnan said...

upto now, you could only leave behind a URL if you had a blogger account. the other options were you could use a name but leave no link or else be anonymous.

now, whether you are from wordpress/livejournal, you can leave ur URL behind in your name

Anjuli said...

oh... okay