Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dravid and Dhoni in the same spot

Read this article in the Times of India, when Dravid went for safety first against England at the Oval and hence secured the series 1-0. Newspapers like ToI and vulgar, crap channels like India TV, Aaj Tak went overboard denouncing him as a coward/gutless chap who was an old timer etc. 

I am eagerly awaiting Times of India's edition tomorrow to see whether they castigate their darling Dhoni after today's safety-first approach against England.

My take on the incidents is this - winning the series in terms of cold hard statistics is much more valued than having adrenalin rushes and trying to impress "Gen Next" reporters who have a fetish for 20-20 and can't appreciate nuanced, strategic games. Of course, everyone would welcome a result, but if your gut does not give you the good vibes you better not take the risk.

Proud to be an "old-timer"!!! :D

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gandhi said...

Yea today's match was sick..i think there should be some rule for the bowlers to declare the innings..
stupid game..