Saturday, March 07, 2009


Much has been written about solitude, loneliness, being in company of people - stuff like how you can feel alone even if you are surrounded by many; or how you can feel connected even if you are alone physically. 

My take on this is that this matter is not one to be analysed. Instead, one should read this write up with a few poems.

I just love Kristen Hoggatt when she says the following:

But aren’t we all lonely, really, in our little worlds, with each click of the keyboard, with each thought that goes unexpressed? No matter how big our mental space, no matter how peopled our social sphere, no matter what kind of a romantic partner we have — real or imagined, we are all lonely for a majority of the day. We are in that space between the ears, dreaming, waking, drinking coffee, passively reading the latest news, and not engaged in a verbal, physical, or spiritual exchange with someone else.


Your brand of loneliness, whether it’s the kind that wakes you up at 3 a.m. or the kind that propels you to open another tasteless novel, presents a formidable challenge to overcome, but everyone must do it sometimes.


But no matter what we call it, it will find us, owed to that distinctly human combination of an over-developed brain and an unenlightened mind. I suppose there are those who would advise yoga or meditation, and maybe you should try that, but I can only vouch for acceptance. You’ve got to accept life and all its faults, as life accepts you and all of yours. Of course it’s going to be lonely and cold sometimes, but the good thing is that it’s always in flux.

Enjoy loneliness folks, its not a gift everyone can have. You truly get to know yourself better. For those who accuse me of the sour-grapes syndrome, I accept, I do miss my home and my parents :-D. Wokay?? Satisfied??

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