Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Photography

A few trips and many photographs later, I happened to sit down and classify myself based on the type of pictures that I take.

Most of my pictures are that of plants / animals / sculptures / abstract cloud shots / very less of people and very less of  me in my pics :)

And yes, the customary electricity transmission tower :)

What does that make me???


Ashwini said...

That makes you a 'natural' capitalist! ;)

shvake said...

That makes you look like some site hunting, worn out 9-5 PWD Engineer, taking care of electrical installations, with a not-so hip camera.

Listen to me. Go for an SLR. Even the abstract ones,animals,sculptures and all the things under sun, will appear different, when you know how to use your camera. Of course, I am not sure how it may make you look though.