Thursday, December 30, 2004


its absolutely cold here. 4 degree celcius to be precise yesterday and may drop further today. one interesting thing about the cold is that if you are active and have a hot water bath, its not that cold really. so all u ppl who loath taking a bath becos its could, do a rethink.
its fun. finally i am able to walk around in the city dressed up in stylish warm clothing like they show in movies. one which comes to my mind is SERENDIPITY. all thats missing is a Kate Beckinsale.........
raju is coming over from lucknow. will take him to CP and gurgaon. show him the famous valkyries i have alluded to in an earlier post. lets see if the classical Delhi fever is induced in him too. (Delhi fever: for definitions and usage, plz contact Nithya @ IIML)
another feather in my cap. for the first time, i paid my fee without depending on funds transfer from dad. i am a strong advocate that if the concept of a stipend is introduced among undergraduates too, then an element of seriousness will be induced.

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