Sunday, December 05, 2004

5 point someone..true or false?

if you have chanced upon this blog, chances are that the title will strike a chord in your memory. being a student of IIT Delhi, i feel that i can verify the authenticity of events in 5 point someone..or i could justify why such a thing could have happened.
(1) the ragging incident: this must have been prevalent in the 80s and 90s. not now
(2) psycho profs: some of this never extinct species do abound. and the dialogues listed in the book are heard as well
(3) sassi: yummy........thats one very very true aspect that chetan bhagat has included in his book. this roadside is eatery is accessible from the hostels. not my favourite though.
(4) vodka @insti roof: possible...but i cannot comment with firm authority because of 2 reasons...(a) i have never been there (b) i last had vodka on May 14th 2004.
(5) Neha Cherian: well, lotsa babes around. but such happenings are only one in a million. 'Hari' must be one of the lucky ones. i myself again cannot comment on this because i do not know anyone who has had such an experience nor have i had. as simple as that
(6) DISCO: dont get me wrong. this is not referring to the discotheque. DISCO=Disciplinary committee.......every student dreads this.
(7) Kumaon hostel: this is the hostel you will encounter first as u enter IIT through the hostel gate.
(8) the question paper fiasco: don't even dream of such things.

this is all i am able to recollect. do drop in some more points if u feel something is missing.

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