Friday, March 04, 2005

Sexy 11

There are two class of amorous men in this world. One who like it the raw XXX fashion, i.e unzip and stick it in, blow, lick, swallow types and the other who like it subtle i.e. a bit of skin show followed by say a sensuous dance or a sensuous dinner and then some foreplay followed by sex known by the terminology of 'making love' not the 'crash bang wallop' variety.
What appeals most to a man when he looks at a female? the answer varies depending on the taste a person has. Mind you, we are not talking about mental compatibility but of physical attraction. some guys look at the breasts, some at the thighs, some at the waist, some at the belly button and some get turned on only with a 'darshan' of the area down under.
all said and done, sometimes its the stage of being partially dressed and moving about sensuously that appeals most to a male than the stage of being in the nude. nothing stirs the imagination more than the thought of being the one to remove those figure hugging clothes and enjoying hours of coital pleasure. such a visual treat is available aplenty in hindi films, specially in some raunchy song settings. rack your brains guys, think of all the songs that you have seen wherein you wanted to make love to the sensuous beauties. Heres my list of such songs. The format is Film name,heroine,song and comments if i deem necessary:

1) Dhoom, Rimi Sen, "Koi nahin hai Kamre Main", if i have a wife like that then my kaam will get postponed for eternity.
2) Sailaab, Madhuri Dikshit, "Intezaar...".......proved my hypothesis that any female will look awesome in the fisherwoman's garb
3) Beta, Madhuri Dikshit, "Dhak Dhak"....nothing as compared to the others but in a league of its own considering the times it was made in
4) Dhoom, Tata Young, "Dhoom Machale"....gr8 music+hot babe
5) Aradhana, Sharmila Tagore,"Roop Tera mastana"...what setting, what a scenario!!!! ooohhh man just think of it, need i say more?
6) Rangeela, Urmila Matondkar, "Tanha Tanha"....i can only say 'I just wanna have sex on the beach' after watching this
7) Road, Antara mali, "Makhmali Yeh Badan"...wish i was vivek oberoi
8) Mr. India, Sridevi, "kaantein Nahin Kat te".....proved the power of a sari and rain over a man's senses
9) Ashoka, Kareena Kapoor, "sansanana"....water nymph+mermaid all rolled into one = bebo darling
10) Shakti, Aishwarya rai, "ishq kameena".....beautiful ash proved that she can become horny too
11) Mohra, Raveena Tandon, "tip tip barsa pani"....wet wet wet and its time to get wet!!!!!!!!!

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Rohan said...

What man? What happened to you? Ultra frust?

But very true views, nonetheless. Though my rankings would be a little bit different!