Saturday, March 12, 2005

Revenge of a nerd!

I am nerdier than 87% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

The Oxford dictionary defines a nerd as a person who is foolish, feeble,boring and uninteresting. You may be wondering why i am talking about such a topic.The origin of this blog is another blog by my friend Rohan Ranade (
During the course of my random perusals of his blog i found that he had taken up a 'nerd test' in which he had scored 81/100. Curious, i took up the test and ended up with a score of 87..fuck that!!!!!!
but the very definition of a nerd is opposite to the kind of person i am. i am one of the outgoing guys whenever there is any get together. even in my current capacity as a master's student in india (some people consider this nauseating. masters students in india are called uncles, matkas (pots..basically because supposedly they were not smart enough to complete their graduation from the institute where they have come to work on their masters), i feel that i have carved a niche for myself. and that i am much much better of than these 'high priests' of engineering who know only to solve equations and score marks. my name may not be on every lady's lips on campus. I may not go to the movies occasionally or may not be an active skirt chaser. but does that make me any less interesting? for those of you who do want to know as to what i do, i play basketball (pretty well), i play the violin, quake, play AOE, roam around, explore places...(only to list a few things that i do)..And coming back to the definition, nerd=feeble??? take a drink baby....u are colliding with the wrong person.
what i want to convey through this blogs is that never ever rely on such shit online tests. i just took it to prove the test wrong. and to top it all, the oxford dictionary is unaware of the origins of the word nerd. so much for classifying someone.


Rohan said...

Hmm, so, you are an outgoing nerd, it seems, or are you loosing your nerdiness levels after finding some other pleasures? ;-)

shvake said...

Maga, do u really need it. all these comparision , nerd stuff. I guess u cud have come up something even more creative(that u usually do) than the whole nerd stuff.

Give no damn to any body who calls u a matka (i donno if u have been called so by some junior), u kno their mentality , just imagine how u looked upon Mtechs in KREC.
So forget it and give us more food to think.