Tuesday, April 19, 2005

India loses at Wagah too

With the dust settling down over the recently concluded India-Pakistan cricket series where India undeservedly escaped a thrashing in the test series but got what they deserved in the one dayers, I am reminded of what I saw at the Wagah border during my trip there.
Wagah is on the border of India and Pakistan. There is nothing special about this place except for the fact that the border guarding agencies of the two countries BSF (in the case of India) and Pakistani Rangers have built magnificient amphitheatres and conduct enthralling drills every evening for the benefit of the populace on both sides.
The journey to the border from the Indian side begins from Amritsar and takes about 1 hour to reach the border. The way to the amphitheatre takes on along the International Border and one gets a close up view of Pakistani soldiers.
The actual ceremony begins close to sunset. Before that the two organisations (mentioned earlier) try to motivate the crowd to raise slogans, provide full throated support for slogans like Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Vandemataram, Hinduatan zindabad etc.
It is this aspect that i want to comment on. It was a moment of pride for me when i started shouting out the slogans, but soon i realised that there were many pairs of eyes drilling at me as if to say, "This dude is performing an action that we have never seen. Wonder which planet he is from." People were so busy in chatting with one another that they did not have the 'enthu' (this is not the word that has to be used here. the correct phrase is FEELING OF DUTY) to support their soldiers. And i am sure these are the very same people who will go to some rock show and shout themselves hoarse, end up with a whiplash the next day and maybe even have a few Js and G strings in their mouth in the bargain. It was most shameful that the BSF commanding officer of Wagah had to come out with a microphone to make himself (i dont blame him for this. people were behaving like in a fish market) and us (this is unpardonable) heard to the pakistanis.
On the other hand the enthusiasm of the Pakistanis was there for all to see. They cheered their soldiers and got their voices across to India.
By this post i am not suggesting that we have to have a rat race for everyting. but atleast we need to be enthusiastic in places where it is required.
Hope future visitors will keep this in mind.
Jai Hind

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Rohan said...

A very very good post. I could not agree with you more. Look at the current India-Pakistan BHAICHARA.... We allow all ghulam alis, and all the film actors and celebs from pakistan to come here. But still there is a ban on indian films in pakistan.
India is a land of cow herds and cowards.
Never be a soldier in the Indian Army. Never. You will be sold a dummy.