Friday, April 15, 2005

a long hiatus indeed!

back to blogging after a very very long time. tests, trips and a lack of mood to blog contributed to this hiatus. my trip to amritsar, wagah, dharamsala, kangra, mccleodganj and chandigarh proved to be a smashing success. won lots of favourable reviews for my planning. the photos and the travelogue are expected to be shared among the online community anytime soon. had an offer to attend a talk show hosted by Sonali Chander, NDTV. Turned it down because the topic was Indo-Pak cricket series (yuck!!).
Appearence wise, long hair is the norm of the day. A typical rock star like look has not met with any opposition from my parents though there were feeble protests. plan to stick with it through the summer months and see if it brings any change in fortune.
will be regular henceforth.

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BOSS said...

A human being can put in efforts to the best of his / her capability but there is some ONE who controls what is / will be available to you and what you can not get.

DO EFFORTS continiously and if your are RIGHT you will get the RESULTS one day.

Best Of Luck Dear Deepak Krishnan.