Thursday, December 29, 2005

Come Back Chitrangada

Dearest Chitrangada Singh/Chitrangada Randhawa aka Geeta Rao

Keats once said, 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever'. Add to that intelligence, talent and some sophistication, the resulting cocktail can be quite a heady mix. I am writing this letter under the effect of an intoxicant called 'Chitrangada Elixir'.

Let me first confess my personal feelings towards you before I come to the subject of this letter. I am madly in love with you. I don't know how, but you somehow perfectly fit into my idea of my ideal soul mate. Now, its not just your physical appearence which need no words of praise, (they are beyond praise). Somehow I am able to connect to you on a mental level. YOu may be the antithesis of traits that I desire in my lover, but I don't want to hear about them. I want to keep alive forever the image of you as 'the one' made for me.

Your dad may send the entire Indian army against me; I don't care, I can face them. Your husband Jyothi Randhawa may smash me around all the golf courses in the world but I don't care. Just allow me to worship you silently and just know that there is this young boy who loves you like he has loved no one. Thats all i ask.

I don't know from where I have mustered so much courage to so openly express my feelings, but since i have said them out, let me not repent. This will give me the courage to express my love to 'The One' if and when I meet her in my lifetime. That said and done, let me come to your movie(s). I have used the parentheses on purpose. I know that you have acted in 2 movies, Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi and Kal . I'm sorry to say this, but I have watched only HKA. I do not intend to watch Kal for sometime because I am very upset with you. Upset because you have disappeared from the cine scene after Kal. And if the journalists are to be believed, you will not return.

My Goddess, after 23 years of existence on this planet earth, I have finally found the type of films which are story driven and the heroine is also potraying a strong role with absolute dignity. i have also found a heroine who is not afraid to perform unconventional roles. I feel driven to watch your movies in the theatre. You will not believe this, but I felt really hurt and pained when theatres removed HKA, just when I had finished all my submissions and was ready to come over to watch HKA.

Please do not drive such a stake into my heart. If the reasons for your withdrawal are personal, then I will absolutely respect your privacy and decision, but if your decision is because of some disillusionment with the industry, then I request nay insist that you come back and let us have absolute freedom from the likes of Ash (ash is what she is), Rakhi Sawant, Rimi Sen, Kareena kapoor, katrina etc

Please, please, please, come back and provide the balm for a wounded heart. As of now people are comparing you to Smitha Patil, but I know that you have the potential to surpass her.But I personally want to see you establish yourself as Chitrangada, carve out your own niche.

Come back Goddess, your devotee waits for you with tears rolling down his cheeks. Come and wipe them. Make me smile...........

This stanza from the song 'Radio' by The Corrs sums up my state for you:
You are in my head
Swimming forever in my head
Tangled in my dreamsSwimming forever Swimming forever

and to quote from the OST of HKA
Bhaavre se is jahan main Bhaavra ek saath ho
Is sayaani bheed main bas haton mein tera haath ho
Bhaavri si dhun ho koi, bhaavra ek raag ho

I don't know the meaning of bhaavra. But pure love knows no language right my goddess? Lets treat 'bhaavra' as the empty letter blocks in scrabble.



Karthik Subramani said...

hey deeks ,is she really that good ... u seem totally fida !

Anonymous said...

if u had sent tis to someone single,u will never be left alone