Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Lunch, courtesy Murphy

Phew!! What a day!! After a backbreaking morning of transformer testing, I went to my guide to ask for a few suggestions regarding my project. What followed there was a quickfire La Mastermind round with accusations levelled about my 'non working' and firm denials from my side to the same. Why don't these profs ever learn to trust students!!! "What an irony!!An educational institute is for students, but in India the students are treated as bonded labourers.."

As if to compensate for my 'not-working', I was sent on a few errands to the department office which was duly and punctually shut down for lunch. Along came another prof, who had a look at the closed doors and said, "Arre Bhai, pakistan ki zaroorat hi nahin hai, ham khud apne aap ko haralenge"...Good comment prof, but your time of reckoning will come someday....

The errands ensured that i was left with 5 minutes to sprint back to the 'warm' environs of my mess for lunch. The challenge was duly undertaken and with about 3 minutes left I was behind my hostel. Now, the devil himself came bafore me and laid out 2 paths.

1. Rush headlong to the hostel take the risk of missing lunch.

2. Buy a patty at the local store and have a backup in case i missed lunch.

Not wanting to bite the bullet, i chose option 2 and rushed to the hostel. Wonder of wonders, hot steaming puris and chole were waiting for me...

This just made me wonder, "Is Murphy's Law true?"...If I had not bought the patty would i have got luch at the mess? I don't think so...Do You?

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Nyscha said...

no way....those puris would've been in someone else's tum-tum!!!so what happ to the patty? :-) can't believe i'm jobless enough to ask that!