Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Effed up Gujarat

This, should be the last word on the Gujarat riots. Irrespective of what you may say, "It was necessary", "This nation will be ruled by Muslims" yada-yada, all that I have to say is, "No Sir, siege mentality is not the way to run a country. Remove hatred or else be consumed by its flames."

As Basavanna, the great Veerashaiva philosopher said,

"Maneyolagana Kicchu Maneya Suttitallade, neremaneya sudadu Koodalasangamadeva"

Meaning: The fire within one's house will burn only his/her house and not the neighbour's, hear this, O Lord of Koodalasangama.

Ashis Nandy Link courtesy: Chandrahas

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