Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Feludian Slip??

I complete a century of posts with this one and I'll also be hitting the second anniversary of my blog in about a week's time. The journey so far has been awesome and I only have myself and the world around me to thank. Myself, for putting in the effort and sustaining the interest to write and the world around me for providing me with the topics. Of course, I should not forget my dear friends (who also double up as readers)...

Anyway, I felt that this century could be celebrated with Feluda, the Indian Sherlock Holmes. And what I read today, seemed slightly 'deviating from the realms of probability'. In the story 'The Mystery of Nayan' Satyajit Ray writes about the protagonists having lunch in The Mysore theme restaurant of Hotel Coromandel in Chennai. He says that this restaurant specialised in Moghlai cuisine. Donno man!!! But something seems out of place.. what is it?

1. Either I haven't been to Hotel Coromandel and tried out this Moghlai speciality restaurant which means I am out of place


2. Ray mixed things up slightly which would mean that the facts are out of place

Whateva, it does not take anything away from the sheer pleasure of reading this book. I love it, and I would suggest you to check out The Complete Adventures of Feluda, Volume 1 and 2, by Satyajit Ray.

Errata: Apparently I didn't read the story properly. The restaurant hall was called Mysore. Had nothing to do with speciality in dishes.

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