Sunday, September 14, 2008

A multi-talented man

For those who have studied between the years 1992/3-1995 at VVSGCS Bangalore, the best times would have been when that cool, awesome teacher U Sriharsha taught Sanskrit the way youngsters need to be taught - in their own "kewl" manner.

Sriharsha sir was a judoka. This aura around him itself made people listen at the least to what he used to say. Not to mention the tight slaps which would reduce the cheeks of the victim to beetroot red.

In addition, he was a PFA (People for Animals) activist. I still fondly keep the postcards of the tiger cub he had given to me when in school.

Last but not the least, how can I ever forget those early morning hours of learning Sanskrit? The cycle ride to Bashyam circle in the chilly Bangalore mornings, followed by steaming tea at his place and some of the best Sanskrit lessons ever taught.

Heres requesting any reader of this blog entry - "If you, by the slightest chance, are acquainted with U Sriharsha please do help me get in touch".



Sepsis said...

Will try through my bro...
If you are in touch with KR - she might help.

Anonymous said...

hey! Harsha sir!! me remembers! you brought back some great memories.. one exam he had given me 40/50... I was shocked! I had supposedly done the paper too well to lose any marks. Then I realize it was a totalling mistake. Go to him to get it corrected. Just looking at me he goes "I know there is a totalling error.. I did it on purpose!" oh well ! :)
- Deepti.