Friday, September 26, 2008

Where have all the secularists gone?

The search process is on!!! For whom, you say? The so called "secularists" who had decried Godhra as a staged show meant to create an excuse for the riots that followed.

As you might all be aware, the Nanavati Commission setup to probe the Godhra incident has come out with its report identifying the culprits. Read about it here.

Extracts from the report in The Hindu say,

The commission, in its 168-page report, said the “conspiracy” was hatched by some local Muslims at the Aman guest house in Godhra the previous night. The conspirators immediately made arrangements for collecting about 140 litres of petrol from a nearby pump on the night of February 26, 2002, the next day when the train arrived in Godhra, Hasan Lala, after forcibly opening the vestibule between coaches S-6 and S-7, entered S-6 and threw burning rags setting it on fire.

Now, as expected, the "secular" junta are nowhere to be seen. Or, it maybe that it still is early days for "politically correct" statements to be framed and released to whet everyone's appetites? One never knows, does one? And if one doesn't know, do many know?

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