Friday, January 07, 2005

Wasting time and the nuances associated with it

Time....this has been a 'timeless' friend of mankind right from its inception. time has been with us and its only when we felt the need of time to measure progress that we invented the concepts of so many hours in a day and all that hogwash.
we have been told right from our childhood that this is a precious resource. but at the same time it is the most abused resource too. why? thats because we do not get punished for wastage of this resource. take an example of petrol. do u have the balls to waste petrol? unless u are an 'amir baap ke bigde aulat' (trans: spoilt rich brat)...u will not dare to. why? because u feel the pinch on ur pocket right?
talking of such things may seem trivial. but there is an art to wasting time. yea baby!!! an art!!!! there are different ways:- surf unnecessarily, fantasise, sleep, roam around, gossip etc
this was my case till the first semester of my master's. but from my second semester i hardly find time to waste. you can say its a catch 22 one hand u don't have enough time and on the other hand u cannot waste it. still trying to figure it out.

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