Tuesday, January 25, 2005


"Losing my religion"...REM, "Out of time"

The Mughal emperor Akbar was known for his tolerance towards other

religions specially hinduism. The major hindu force during his reign

was The Rajputs. Akbar did have his successful campaigns against the

Rajputs but he believed in burying the hatchet. He even went to the

extent of marrying a Rajput princess Joda Bai.

One of Akbar's brilliant ideas was to create a new religion comprising

the best features of all religions. You may be wondering why Iam

writing on such a topic. Well, all that i can say is that the

inspiration was sudden. It dawned on me in my FACTS class, when the

fundas concerning a single phase inverter were so blatantly being

twisted and shown to us as the holy grail of power electronics. (not

that i am some big don in PE). What i am going to do is to formulate a

new religion for the modern world with features that i feel are

necessary. These are my views and its upto you to agree with me or

not.so, here goes.......

Religiously Yours.......Resume

Name: Secularism rocks

Target audience: The world

Date of birth: 24/1/2005

Sex: Asexual

Parents: This religion is a child of God

Education: The school/college/university called earth

Performance: Theory subjects=100% Practicals=(not yet tested)

Hobbies: Unifying the world, providing peace of mind, removing

differences between people


(1) Aham Brahmasmi...God is within each one of us

(2) Compulsory prayer everyday

(3) Equality of all beings whatever maybe their sex, sexual

orientation, social status, occupation etc(no animal farm fundas like

"more equal than the others" please)

(4) A clarion call to give up arms

(5) Compassion for the poor and the weak

(6) An opportunity to be spiritual and materialistic at the same time.

(7) No sub divisions of the religion shall be permitted

(8) Freedom to do anything as long as it does not hurt or offend others

(9) The holy book shall be "CATCH 22"

(10) The holy hymns shall be "Is there anybody there" by Scorpions,

"Amsterdam" by Coldplay, "Bulla ki Jaana" by Rabbi Shergill, "Cats in

the cradle" by Ugly Kid Joe,"My Sharona" by The Knack and "take away my

pain" by Dream Theatre


Hopefully you will agree with me and help me to add some points. Alvida

dear reader, "May my tribe increase!!!!!!"


bharath said...

remem the GDs on ayodhya at 1st block 71..secularism hmmm...u changed for good man..i'm on ur team...

Deepak Krishnan said...

hi gandhu,
i am not sure how to reply to comments such that they reach the person. so am replying on my own blog. yea man i changed..........