Saturday, February 11, 2006

I am tired

1. of people asking me what the whole point of doing my M.Tech was now that my starting salary is less than what I had after undergraduation. Why don't they understand that there is something in life beyond money?

2. of people asking me to describe what exactly my firm is doing and why didn't I join 'majors' like ABB/GE?

3. of being ordinary and being unable to lift myself from this pile of ordinariness.

4. of not having an exciting life.

5. of having to be a selfless worker.

6. of being a Jack of all trades.

7. of interacting with 'ignorrogant' IIT undergrads.

8. of being a 'foot in mouth' regular.

9. of reading crap published by IEEE, IEE and Sciencedirect transactions, majority of which, i know is cleverly fudged, a la "u scratch my back and i scratch yours."

10. of MATLAB.

11. of conferences, workshops and other scientific "chintan baitaks".

12. of hearing to the words "student days are the best days".

13. of India-Pak bhaichara.

14. of being a 'crisis man' who is assumed to be fairly confortable with his share of work plus that of the others.


Nyscha said...

ok...the foot in the mouth regular can associate with that...u jus found urself an ally :-)


Srivishnu Mohan said...

Well deepak I really sympathize on a lot of your woes and am sure most of the situations u mentioned even I might face in future like point 1,2,3,5.
And especially about your interaction with 'ignorrogant' IIT undergrads. I myself came across many who have published in international conferences and still are not familiar with the convention for writing references for a paper/project report.

But how on the earth did you get tired of MATLAB ?? I might have to say I object strongly to this. I feel may be you either did'nt have a chance to explore it fully or have confined urselves to such a narrow part of its operations & functions that u have now grown bored by it. Anyway opinions differ and especially its best in my interests if i refrain from picking up an argument with biggies like u.Carry on the list seems comprehensive enough...