Thursday, February 23, 2006


Something strange happened on 22nd Feb in the wee hours (07:45) of the morning. Strange in the sense, 'a strange occurence after I have landed in Delhi a long time ago in July 2004'.

I talked in my sleep!! Yikes!! And to whom? To one of my teachers from NIT Surathkal who is here in IIT Delhi for his PhD. Met him later in the evening and the first thing I did was to ask him the contents of my morning blabber. Kumar Sir grinned at me and said, 'Either you must have been in deep sleep or else you must have been doing some programming.' I was like, 'Eh??? Explain maadi saar!!' 'Man, you said "If the answer is YES then press Y else exit the program!!'.......

Initial reaction?? Stunned!! Why? Even in the halcyon days of my programming I have never
ventured into the job of attempting to make the user have a perfect interface. My aim has been to ensure that the algo is robust, and I assume (some of you may say wrongly) that the user is smart enough to give the correct input..HE HE HE

Thats one view. The other view is that the matter could have been related to an input requiring a choice. But why in the name of 'whoever' would I be doing such a related task when there has been no programming exercise for the past four months? Some old tug at my heart like an old flame? (Though i must say that there is no chance for the latter cos me still single and ready to
mingle. All ye single or about to become single again girls, take the hint!!!)

Now, an unanswered question is a troublesome mosquito. It keeps buzzing around you even at times when you want peace. Thats my state now..I still am trying to figure out why i said those
lines...Anyone willing to take a guess can do so in the comments section. All that i know is that
i had been deprived of quality sleep for the past 5 days (this is called the Shreya Syndrome aka
Ukill Syndrome named after a good friend, an Infosyscian, wannabe Tulu teacher and pioneer of
night outs for work, Shreya Uchil!!! Take a bow lady, the spotlight's on you); have missed
breakfast on 3 of the five days (a syndrome called Tridivasa Upavasa) and have developed acute paramania (listen to Foo Fighters' "Wind Up").....Take these as hints and work out your answers.

Answers related to love and insanity will be not be entertained.

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1.Theres a screening of 'Subarnarekha' a movie by Ritwik Ghatak in my hostel on 26th. All ye
bored Bong movie fans who have cash to spare on a quick round trip air ticket are welcome to
Shivalik Hostel, IIT Delhi........

2.And of course for the enterprising Mallus or Mallu movie fans, March 10th is the day for the
screening of Adoor Gopalakrishnan's 'Nizzhalkuthu' (Shadow Kill) at Karakoram Hostel...

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