Saturday, February 11, 2006

Story time!!!

Aargh!! Finally completed part I of my 'soon-to-hit-the-stands' short story. and i am giving u all a free preview of the beginning....u better be generous with your praises if you want to avoid paying for this one..HA HA HA..

London, June 2389
"I give him thirty more minutes", Dr.Pringle said in his usual stoic manner, "Only immediate family members are allowed. Others, please vacate the room."

Delilah did not move a muscle until the last person had filed out of the room. Once she heard the reassuring sound of the latch, she turned her lovely, deer like eyes towards the bed, where the king of England lay, nearly cut into two.

Memories of last night flooded through her mind. She herself, heavily pregnant with the heir to the throne, had barely managed to survive the attack and if not for the last gasp thrust of the King's sword, the crazed American would have had 3 kills to his name and not 1 which was going to happen soon.

"Honey", came the croaked voice from the bed, "the end is drawing near."

"Why do you have to be so cruel to me Steve? Why do you have to rub it in? Please, can we, for this short period of time become the carefree lovers that we were in Delhi?"

"Ha ha..aah", the King winced in pain.

"Whats so funny Steve?"

"My Queen, I found it ironically funny that you should take up the name of Delhi. Delhi....thats the place that is going to save us."

"I..I don't understand."

"Listen to me carefully and don't interrupt. We don't have much time. If you remember, after we graduated, we had a big fight about my solo trip to Mandalay?"

"Yes. And let me say that you caused me much pain by your decision."

"There was a purpose. There was intelligence floating around that the Americans were plotting to wipe out the House of Tudor so that they could prop up a dummy regime and go on to achieve their dream of Pax Americana. Having lived with the follies of Tony Blair, Britain would never involve itself in another war. This is precisely why the Britons reposed their faith in the monarchy and threw out the scumbag politicians."

"But love, whats that got to do with your Mandalay trip?""Patience Delilah, patience. You will also recall the turmoil caused by my decision to pursue my post graduation at Jawaharlal Nehru University. I chose JNU over American Universities not only because of its superior infrastructure, but due to strategic interests. I wanted to build a strategic nuclear command of the Commonwealth against the USA. Of course, Pakistan excluded."

"Yes, but why Mandalay?""Mandalay holds the key to fire the bomb if required. Even I do not know how powerful the bomb is, or what range it has..hell, I don't even know from where its going to be fired. Listen carefully....." a sudden spasm took hold of the King's body and Delilah watched in frozen horror as he controlled it with a strange calm which she knew, only the soon-to-be-dead could summon.

"I don't have much time. All I want to say is, since you will be the Queen, get hold of those damn codes and fire the bomb on the land of evil. And do it quick before some more crazed assassins make any more attempts."

"But where do i start?"

"Delhi.......Said-ul-Ajaib, the Garden of Five Senses. Meet the careteker Sanaa. She is a remarkable lady and she should help you. But make sure that you are in disguise. God Bless".

"Steve?" No Reply

"Steve? Talk to me honey....." She shook him a couple of times. As if in reply, his lifeless arm fell on the side, showing the royal sceptre.Delilah dried her tears, picked up the sceptre and walked out of the room. The small group of the faithful had one look at her and knew that this was not the same Delilah that they had known. The mythological Durga had come alive in Britain.

The news networks started churning out their reports.
'The King is dead, long live the Queen'.

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superb imagination...
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