Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Beauty and the Beast

The following link is taken from the increasingly informative and oceanic blog of Sharath Rao.

Why Do Beautiful Women Sometimes Marry Unattractive Men

So, the next time anyone says "Mangana kainalli manikya kotta hage" (It is like giving a gem to a monkey) when u see a beautiful/sexy woman marrying an unattractive (in ur eyes, mind you) man, remember that the dice is statistically and probabilitically and naturally loaded in favour of the unattractive guy.


murali said...

The reasoning in the article reminds me of one of Homer Simpson's comments - "You can prove anything with statistics, 60% of the people know that"

Sharath Rao said...

You can prove anything with statistics

yeah..to someone whose analytical skills are in doubt.

as feynman said if the model doesnt fit the data, change the model. Experiments, data, statistics are an integral part of the scientific method and the corner stone of our progress in the past few centuries.

we indians will never learn to respect data and numbers ( but keep boasting about the aryabhatta and zero ) ...no data leads to bad policy, bad governance and from there on, every thing heads downhill. For. eg : the figure of % of SC/ST/OBC in india was arrived at by rather dubious means.

We can do with some respect for the science of statistics.

murali said...

Sorry, I was just trying to be funny. Should have realised that statistics is no laughing matter.

Sharath Rao said...

aaah...smelling sarcasm there ?

And oops..Murali, is that you ? Murali from KREC ? Just logged in to your blog.