Wednesday, August 23, 2006

On my way to become the BEST Union Leader and Other Bombay Stories

Firstly, a summary of the routes I have been taking to reach my offices; one in Shivaji Park, Dadar and the other at Bandra Kurla Complex.

Route 1: When I was staying in my company's Worli guest house during the initial few weeks of my stay in Bombay

Worli-Prabhadevi-Dadar(spend some time here)-Mahim-Bandra-Bandra Kurla Complex

Route 2: When I shifted to the project guest house at oshiwara (which i call, O! Shit War eh??)

Oshiwara-JVPD-IRLA-Milan Subway (u need to see this)-Khar-BKC

Route 3: After I have shifted to Chedhanagar, Chembur


All this travel has shown me the sheer size of Bombay.

That apart, the last 4 days starting from Sunday have seen various run ins with BEST. And all of them were hilarious considering the context.
1. Sunday, 20th August: I was going from Chedhanagar to Andheri East. I boarded the 533 Ltd bus and asked for a ticket to Andheri Station. All of a sudden the conductor started cursing me in marathi. I thought that he was asking me to go in front, and I added fuel to fire by refusing to do so. At the same time it struck me that the bus was not moving. Then, someone gently pointed out that I was holding the rope used to signal to the driver to stop/move and my holding it was interpreted as a STOP.

2. Monday 21st August: On the 348 bus towards Rani Lakshmi Chowk from kalanagar, I found a seat at the end of the bus, and guess what, THE ROPE was hanging ominously in front of my eyes, as if BEST was gonna hang me to death!!!
3. Tuesday 22nd August: I was supposed to go to Shivaji Park from Chedhanagar for which I had to catch a 354. Accordingly a 354 came, but i disregarded it cos it was jam packed. Right behind it was a 368 Ltd with the board Prabhodhankar Thackrey Chowk which I remembered having seen somewhere. I assumed that it would go to Dadar and asked for a ticket. The conductor stared at me and said, "Age 354 hai. Woh Shivaji Park jaati hai. Usko chod ke, mere bus main chadke, meresehi Shivaji park ka ticket maang raha hai!!!! Utro agle stop main...." (There is a 354 in front which goes to shivaji park. you leave that bus, get into mine and to top it all, you ask for a ticket to shivaji park.. Get out!!!!)

4. Wednesday 23rd August: On the way back from kalanagar, i got into a 373 Ltd which would drop me at a place near home called Amarmahal. And as fate would have it, the bus broke down at Sion-Trombay Road near Chembur colony. Great!!! Soon the announcement went, "All guys get out and push the bus". And so dear reader, it is because of this noble endeavour that i have performed that i am writing this blog with great difficulty.....

Wonder whats in store for me on Thursday the 24th of August.................

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Srivishnu Mohan said...

Can we know what finally happened on 24th of August??