Thursday, August 03, 2006

Goodbye Comrades?

I only dream in black and white
I only dream cos I'm alive
I only dream in black and white
To save me from myself

It was the same story repeated all over again in the wee hours of August 3rd 2006, Thursday. The only change was in the colour. Black and white transformed into blood red. Yes, my dreams (I remember all of them) were red yes, but not the red of the rose. It was the red of blood, the red of the Maoists!!!

Every exposure to a topic returns to haunt the same person at some point of time. For some, it returns as a serial haunter in real life, whereas for some it returns as a nightmare.
People might say that dreams are just a sub-conscious working of the mind, while some might say that they are bound to be true if they occur in the wee hours of the morning. I was also taught by my Sanskrit teacher in PUC, Mr. Venkatesh that there are some dreams which are future indicative. For example, if you see someone dying, then that person will live a long life. If you see a poor, contented Brahman, then you will have a long life etc. I am no Sigmund Freud, but all that I will vouch for is the 'will happen only in a dream and not in real life' nature of the erotic or so called wet dreams which provide so much of joy and lotsa 'what-if' questions. I remember one very vividly, wherein all the porn stars from different websites and magazines and movies appeared before me in their most erotic glory, and made me promise that I would stop watching porn. I did eventually though and this lack of "Pondy current affairs" knowledge showed up when I was asked to make a selection of latest porn for a friend.
Anyway, coming back to the dream on hand, it was about the naxalite threat in the jungles of Andhra, Chattisgarh and Jharkand.

In the Andhra episode, I was a police officer responsible for the extermination of these guys. It was a story of how I walked into an ambush, lost most of my men, emerged out of the jungles safely and finally turned the tables on the naxals and sent them packing from the face of the earth.
The Chattisgarh episode was about me being a big time businessman who gets extortion cum death threats from the naxals. The whole story was about how I uncovered the naxal spy in my household in the nick of time and escaped with my money and documents before the naxals mounted an all out invasion. With the benefit of hindsight and past movie knowledge, I feel that the only person who is missing is an equivalent of the sensuous Nandana Sen (see Tango Charlie, a hindi movie for further gyan).
The final dream trailer was one where I was a journalist from The Hindu (which other commie paper can I quote?? HA HA HA) who was living with the naxals in Jharkand and reporting on them for the Sunday Magazine. It so happens that unwittingly I give out some location details in one such report and a crazy local commander orders my execution. The story goes about how I manage to escape from the loony guy and end up in Chennai under Z plus category security.
Hmm..wonder what I need to make out of this. The only underlying theme is "Escape", which brings in other ideas in my mind..something involving Anna Kournikova...If wishes, were horses!!!!!!!!!!!

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