Thursday, January 18, 2007

Satan as an angel

Satan, being thus confined to a vagabond, wandering, unsettled condition, is without any certain abode; for though he has, in consequence of his angelic nature, a kind of empire in the liquid waste or air, yet this is certainly part of his punishment, that he is . . . without any fixed place, or space, allowed him to rest the sole of his foot upon.

Daniel Defoe, The History of the Devil

These lines are present in the introduction to The Satanic Verses (atleast in the e-book that I have). The line attributing angelic nature to Satan is eerily similar to the status accorded to Morgoth and Sauron in The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien.

I quote these lines from Wikipedia

In the earliest of days, before the godlike Valar entered the realm of Arda, Sauron originated as a spirit called a Maia. He was at first one of the most powerful servants of Aulë the Smith, one of the Valar or ruling powers of the world

In Tolkien's secondary world, Morgoth is an Ainu, a divine character of the same order and nature as the Valar, and is the brother of their leader, Manwë Sùlimo

Wonder, if after all, the seeds of evil are sowed in good!!!

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