Sunday, January 14, 2007

Things I did this weekend…..Random jottings…..

Listened to Mark Knopfler’s “Working on it” and the soundtrack of “The Motorcycle Diaries” and fell in love with the almost similar tunes. Specially focused on the song “Apertura” from the OST.

Washed my stove under the tap water, right at breakfast time and then waited for an hour hungrily for the water to dry up so that I could boil water for maggi.

Dozed off in the afternoon, allowing my little niece to draw graffiti all over my hands and woke up just in time to see her with a pair of scissors in her hand explaining coolly, “Uncle, I just want more space to draw graffiti. So please allow me to remove the hair on your arms!!!!”

Took rapid strides towards the completion of ‘The Satanic Verses’. And if any moral police for the Indian government is reading this, you are free to navigate away from this page.

Had my first argument with an auto driver in Bombay. I didn’t feel bad about losing my temper either; the moron was acting too knowledgeable when in-fact he was far from the borders of the knowledge state.

Traced out about 70 steps by hand while understanding an algorithm along with my cousin!!!

No wonder I am considered non-happening by those who matter!!!! He He He

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Sharath Rao said...

I think thats really happening man...

[ I know I dont matter ] :p