Thursday, February 22, 2007

Plagiarism by the Times of India

There are limits to copying. Or should I say, there are methods of copying. One is where you copy the meaning, the message whatever but not the words verbatim due to which no one's aware of the act of copying since they are unable to trace the source.

The other which is the more foolish of the methods of copying, is what the Times of India adopts i.e. reproducing articles verbatim. Today's i.e 23rd Feb,2007 main paper, sports section carried an article on Heartbreaking Moments in the cricket world cup. There was a section on the 1992 England-South Africa farcial semi-final where SA were left to score 22 runs of 1 ball due to some dubious calculation.

TOI wrongly assumed that none of its readers follow Cricinfo. The same article appeared in Cricinfo early this week. Read this article by Andrew Miller first.

Now check out this image from the e-paper version of TOI. Since I was unable to obtain a permanent link, I took the image of the offending article and underlined lines which were copied from Cricinfo. Turns out, it was the whole article!! Shame on you Solomon S Kumar.

The least that could have been done was to acknowledge Cricinfo!!!


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