Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rehan and Mayanti

These were the people who made my Sunday.

1. Rehan Butt must get my salute/salaam/sashtanga namaskaram of the day for THAT beauty of a pass he made to Sandeep Michael which culminated in the winning goal for the Bangalore Lions against the Chandigarh Dynamos. He made a magnificient run from the half line, dodged three defenders and made that rasping pass to Sandeep from the edge of the D.... All this in spite of running a high temperature.

3. The beauteous and knowledgeable Mayanti of Zee Sports kept me rooted to my chair from
19:30 to 22:30. It also helped matters that Theo Walcott opened the scoring for Arsenal in
the Carling Cup final. Nevermind the fact that Drogba scored 2 to screw Arsenal, but dear
Mayanti, you have made my evening and possibly the whole week ahead!! You have rekindled my interest in Indian football too!!!

Who is Mayanti you ask?? O, ignorant one, here The Goddess appears before you:

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