Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The most hyped movie of 2007 (Hollywood ofcourse) upto now, has to be 300. Posters, trailers, word of mouth, blogs, print ads and what not, have been used in drumming the details of the movie. Iran has condemned the release of the movie, Parsis in India have expressed their reservations and they are rightly justified. Victors write history is not an empty statement. This movie has gone ahead and shown that victors not only write history, they even distort it.

Everyone should watch the movie ONCE. Graphics and the sound track are the plus points. Research seems to be lacking. Even if Xerxes was a conqueror, it dos not do justice to rip apart a great civilisation like the Persian, in such a shitty manner. See the way Xerxes himself is potrayed. You get the impression that he is a transvestite who rules because of some mystic power. Even the way the Persian army is shown as a buch of bumbling fools is not correct. This was the finest fighting force in Asia once upon a time; and to suggest that some wall which the Spartans build along the coast would stop the Persians is merely foolishness. What are battering rams, trebuchets for? Or did they come only later? And lest I forget, how can a bunch of guys (Spartans) who are shown as carrying no supplies stay fighting fit for so many days? After all, an army marches on its stomach right?

On the technical side, the graphics could have been made more realistic. As of now, eveything looks so UN-MEDIEVAL!!!

The babe who acts as the Spartan Queen is also a treat to the eyes!! Sexy dressing; and ahem... good curves to go along with them.

To summarise, I would give a 2 star out of 5 for the movie. The director had better see Kingdom of Heaven if he intends to make historical movies in the future.

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shvake said...

The visual effects in the movie are stunning. Throughout the movie promotions, it was mentioned that its an adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel.
Absolute justice done in the adaptation. 10 on 10 for the visual effects.

Character portrayal: Gearard Butler was good as Leonidas,Rodrigo Santoro as Xerxes was good too.
The queen had to be stunning, 'cause THAT IS SPARTA!!!
One thing which kept me wondering was the absence of Xerxes' beard which is commonly seen in the ancient Persian relics. I doubt him being bald. 9 on 10 for the greek costumes, 5 on 10 for the persian costumes.

And where on Earth did those monster like mutants come from???