Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Someone agrees with IEEE

I had published a post on autism sometime back and had expressed my wonder and reservations about the study. Unnikrishnan had contributed a few more eye-opening points and whats most important is that he is a doctor and hence his opinions on the same will certainly have more substance in them.

The December 2006 issue of IEEE Spectrum had published an opinion related to the same.


Author Temple Grandin, an expert on animal behavior and perhaps the
world’s most famous autistic person, told Spectrum that she thought Baron-Cohen was correct. She notes that her Web site on livestock management gets huge
numbers of hits from places, such as Silicon Valley, that have no particular
connection with animals but plenty with engineering and computers. Because
autistic people think in pictures, she says, they may be particularly good at
technology. Without the genes that give rise to autism, she says, the world
would be full of charming people who sit around the campfire, chatting gaily and
empathizing mightily but inventing nothing.

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Aishwarya said...

hey... recently my nephew, who is some 2 and a half yrs old, was diagnosed with autism. his parents are devastated and i came Googling to know about the same. found ur blog link.
i'd like to know, if there's a cure for this. i know i've not given details, and its very vague. but just getting down to the basics, can it be cured or no...
the child, can recite slokas for like half an hour, sing songs, but hardly communicates; he does not 'respond' to what is asked. he is under some therapy now, but doesnt seem to help much...